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5 Facts All Real Estate Investors Should Know About a Like-Kind Exchange

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When you’re trying to get the most out of your business enterprise, it’s important to be aware of the possibilities. In this regard, a like-kind exchange is one of the most common possibilities that come into play.

This is a type of exchange between business owners that features many variables and nuances. To learn more about this exchange, start with the facts below.

Understand the Basics of a Like-Kind Exchange

Real estate investors especially need to know about the like-kind exchange.

On a basic level, this is a tax code that involved the exchange of assets between two businesses. This is a two-way street, with each owner giving up a piece of property or another asset.

Some of the benefits of this sort of agreement include more cash for reinvestment, the accumulation of more assets, and greater overall leverage for your business.

It Often Involves Property

More often than not, a like-kind exchange involves the real estate transactions.

The exchanges include business property or other forms of commercial real estate, rather than your personal home. However, you may be able to use other forms of property, such as artwork or other valuables.

There are Specific Rules and Guidelines

It’s important that you understand the details that come with the territory with your like-kind exchange.

For example, there’s a rule that dictates that you can’t identify more than three replacement properties during the deal. However, you also have to deal with future tax rate increases and other variables that come into play.

Delayed Exchanges are Routine

When putting together like-kind exchanges, you need to be prepared for delays.

Whenever you’re dealing with a delay in the exchange, you’ll need to appoint a third-party. This third-party will help you to hold onto the assets or money until the deal goes through.

Make sure that you choose a third-part that is trustworthy to make sure the deal goes through if delays take place.


Know About the Tax Ramifications

Make no mistake that first and foremost, this sort of arrangement is a tax situation. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of a like-kind exchange is that you get a deferral of taxes.

Since deferring and diminishing taxes are foundational to your success as a business, this can help you stay profitable for years to come. Understanding the ins and outs of a tax-deferred exchange will allow you to fully move forward with such an arrangement.

Stay Up to Date on Tax Laws and Business Info

It’s important that you always put your business matters first, and this only happens with the right information. Business tax laws change periodically, so you always need to be abreast of these matters so that you can keep your finances in order.

Now that you know some basic information about the like-kind exchange, you’ll be better equipped to handle a deal if it comes about. With this in mind, keep browsing our site and look around to get more information about finance, business, and other such related matters.