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4 Incentives Top Real Estate Brokers Provide Their Best Agents


Whenever we hear the word script, we often think of actors following a list of stage directions and reciting memorized lines. Other times, we may (begrudgingly and with a tinge of annoyance) associate scripts with sleazy people trying to recruit you or sell you something.

Does that mean you should abandon your recruitment script when you’re trying to get real estate agents to join your brokerage? Not at all! These days, scripts are still very much essential in real estate recruitment. You will need to craft a script that not only flows naturally but also tells agents what exactly is in it for them.

Your offer might be great, but if you still follow a stagnant-sounding script to recruit agents who are less than enticed but need the job, then you might need to reevaluate your priorities. Even then, some agents will still wonder what makes your brokerage worth being loyal to. Just like your clients, your agents may also be asking “what’s in it for me?” If you’re thinking of what incentives you can mention in your script to spice things up, here are a few suggestions.

Monetary Compensation

Remember that your agents are working for you. They are going out of their way to assist you with making more sales. At the end of the day, any agent will greatly appreciate making commission for the successful deals they can close in the form of money. Brokers that do offer payment for realtor services should definitely mention the details in their real estate recruiting scripts.

If you are doing decent enough to be able to outsource agents to do your work, then you should be able to pay them a good amount of money for the work they do. Real estate agents have a lot of expenses to cover on top of paying their bills. If your compensation can help them with these expenses, then it’s a great incentive for them to stay with your brokerage.

Lead Generation Assistance

Everyone knows that sales, just like recruitment, is a numbers game. The more people you reach out to, the higher the chance of closing more deals. As the broker, you likely have a vast network of business contacts in the industry and can help your agents with finding more leads that they can pitch to. You might also have access to resources such as multiple listing services (MLS), and may have even invested in SEO and social media marketing, too. All these methods can be great for assisting your agents in finding leads.

Giving your people access to all of these tools and resources shows that your agents are valuable to you. They’ll greatly appreciate your doing this for them. This is another great thing to highlight in your recruitment script.


Training and coaching might seem arbitrary to some, but this is extremely valuable to real estate agents. Given how tough competition is these days, any extra skill set or additional expertise is a matter of extreme importance. It’s not just enough to zag while everyone is zigging anymore, zoinking is necessary now, too.

Any real estate agent will perk up at the mention of you providing them with specialized training if they decide to work for you. And you should be glad when they do. After all, no one likes dealing with a badly trained agent—especially the clients you’re hoping they’ll get for you.


In the process of making a sale, even the best real estate agents might find themselves getting tongue-tied with a potential client. When this happens, it will help to provide them with a way to contact you or your team in case they want to clarify something with you. It is important to mention or even frame your entire script around providing support during the recruitment process. No agent wants to be out there without your assistance, after all.

Be specific in the kind of support you will be offering when an agent joins your team. Usually, they want to be able to reach someone if they have concerns regarding compliance, legal matters, and transaction coordination. Sometimes, they might even need to consult personally with the higher-ups.

Having a support department or providing them with your details will help with this. Agents will feel more secure when they know that they matter to you and feel like they are on the same team as you.


Convincing and keeping new hires is a challenge that many companies face and is a constant, learning process. However, you can slowly improve things by making a good impression on possible candidates with a great recruiting script. Not only will you give your brokerage firm a competitive advantage, but you’ll also give your current and future agents a reason to keep working with you!

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