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8 Top Real Estate Agent Marketing Tips

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If you’re a real estate agent and you want to be ahead of the competition, you need to understand consumer demands and how to use the latest marketing and technology trends.

In this article are some of the tips to consider so you’re more efficient with the marketing strategies you use, and thus you’ll stand out among your peers to secure more customers.

Determine Your Target Market

Most real estate agents focus on a specific niche market and aim to be an expert within that market, for example; commercial real estate, or in residential sales focusing on apartments or condos. Not only is the type of real estate a niche but so too is the location.

When you know your target market, it’ll be much easier for you to provide the information your clients need on your expertise which includes property type insights and how to market in a specific location. Plus, you can show the prospective home sellers your marketing strategies that work in the niche market.

Market Listings Through Amazing Videos That Sell Lifestyle

Most buyers these days will fall in love with a home, not because of the fixtures or square footage, but mostly due to how the property makes them feel. Another critical consideration is the immediate neighborhood and location of the home. Being near schools, entertainment, shops and in a safe environment will sell your home for you! Remember “location, location, location”.

You can never know too much about marketing as it’s an everchanging landscape so make sure you read more tips on real estate marketing, and give strategies ago. For example, use video, As we know, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, so imagine how powerful a video can be for marketing properties for sale.

You may want to start with short films that are perfect for social media. Just make sure to produce quality videos to get a great response from potential buyers.

Join Various Local Organizations to Meet New People

Competent real estate agents get involved in organizations and the community to build up their network. Choose groups and causes that you’re passionate about, take a lead role when the opportunity arises, e.g. fundraising for a charity. Starting as a real estate agent requires building up your reputation and credibility in your niche area.

Establish Your Brand and Be Consistent

Like in other sales-driven industries, there’s usually a sales leader board, so, understandably, you’ll want to concentrate on quick wins. However, what you need to do first is to create your brand.

A brand refers to the unique attributes that distinguish your service or product from that of your competitors. From an aesthetic viewpoint, your brand will need to include a visual, i.e., a logo, and you’ll need online assets to show it off, including a website.

Powerful real estate marketing tactics for brand awareness include a website where you can add information about you and your listings. Along with a professional logo, and imagery is a blog, and on it, you can share videos, articles and your tips for homebuyers and sellers.

Remember, whatever you’re doing with your website and its content is in some way brand building. Plus you’re using online assets like social media profiles and a website to differentiate your style and skills from your competition.


Take Advantage of Social Media Advertising

One of the many bulletproof real estate marketing ideas to consider is taking advantage of social advertising. If possible, run ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Such social media platforms allow ads to run to an exact demographic or target audience which should include your potential buyers. If you’re planning to host an Open House, you may use ads for your upcoming events. The best thing about social advertising is that they’re accurate and cost-effective when compared to some marketing strategies.

Master How To Present Real Estate Properties

First impressions matter most so make sure you view the home and it’s in the best condition possible. Not all homes are sold in perfect condition, some are sold as do-ups and therefore in need a renovation. Whatever the condition of the property, unless it’s a construction site it should be clean so it attracts buyers.

For your client’s wanting maximum sales price if there’s not much in the way of landscaping, you should look for ways to spruce up the property’s front and improve curb appeal by suggesting the addition of colorful plants in pots. Or more extensive landscaping. Plus a coat of paint always shows off a house in the best light, especially in the interior, remove clutter and paint walls, ceilings. Also stage the home for maximum emotional pull.

8. Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

For some real estate agents, email marketing might seem old school compared to some marketing alternatives. But, based on the HubSpot statistics, ninety-nine percent of consumers check their emails every day. In fact, in a report, emails generate $38 for each $1 spent, which is 3800 percent ROI.

Before diving in and building your first campaign, it’s essential to have the right plan and expectation. Remember that email marketing isn’t a chance to bombard anyone and everyone with any unsolicited sales messages. It’s not practical since email users may easily report any annoying emails and label them as spam. Once it happens, you don’t get a second chance.

If you don’t want that to happen, you must consider email marketing as an opportunity to provide something valuable to your subscribers. Provide them with something that will target their pain points and resolve their problems. You may do this by familiarizing with their neighborhood and instead of sending promotions, focus on providing helpful information.


The world of real estate sales can be harsh, and therefore it’s only the fittest that do well. To first survive and then thrive, use these marketing tips to get you on the right track to a prosperous and successful career.