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3 Ways To Make Your Home Appeal When It’s On The Market

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When you have put your property on the market, you ideally want it to sell as quickly as possible. That way you can move on to and into your new place much sooner, and if you’re selling to release the equity to invest in a business or go travelling, for example, you don’t want to have to wait around for too long. That’s why it is important to make your home appeal to a wide range of people, in order to garner interest from the start. Here are some ways to do just that.

Tidy Up The Outside Space

The outside space around your home is just as important as everything else – sometimes more so, depending on who is looking to buy. To start with, the front of your property needs to look attractive. Otherwise, you will have much less interest than you might otherwise do. Make sure that the front yard is weed-free and that any paths are clean and safe to walk on. Your front door should be wiped down and, if necessary, re-painted; its hardware should also be cleaned or replaced. The backyard should also look as pretty as possible, and potted patio plants are a good way to do that. Plus, you can show what fun the new owners could have in the garden by installing a hot tub (check out the best hot tubs of 2018 to see which is a good choice), adding a barbecue, having a nice seating area and so on. Best of all, you can take these things with you when you move.


Making your home look lovely and tidy is a good way to sell it faster because it allows potential buyers to imagine their own belongings in your space. If the house is full of clutter and ‘things,’ then it will be much harder for them to see where their own possessions could go. This is the ideal time to throw out items that you no longer want or need and to streamline your own possessions to make moving home easier for everyone involved. This is also your chance to make your house look as homely as possible by adding vases of flowers, plump new cushions, and perhaps a lick of paint in the rooms that need it.

Define Your Rooms

When you have buyers coming round to view your property, you need them to imagine themselves living in your home. One of the best ways to do that is to define each room so that they can see how it would all work for them. You might use your dining room as an office or gym, for example, but in order to sell your property more quickly, turning it back into a dining room is the best idea. Similarly, with your bedrooms, you might have one that is a study, but unless it is too small for a bed, it’s a good idea to make it look like a guest bedroom.

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