10 Unique Ways of Selecting Your Fabric

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Finishing Your Living Space: 10 Types of Fabrics For Any Environment

In the world of home décor and upholstery, fabric and textiles are building blocks and reign paramount as design influencers. Decorating your house is a wonderfully creative project, selection of desired fabrics can test decision-making abilities. The fabric is the piece that sets the tone of the room, environment, and house. No need to fret- assistance lies ahead, 10 helpful ways to search for that perfect fabric are revealed here.

Colour Fabrics

  • The shade of the fabric is crucial to highlight and complement surrounding areas and natural light. The shade of fabric is more important than you might realize. The psychological and behavioural effects of colour on your mood have been exhaustively studied and documented. Certain shades will brighten and uplift, others will calm and relax, many have the ability to anger even. Choose the right colour that will reflect the vibe of the house, compliment as many areas as possible, fit the theme of the room- and most importantly, that you like it! Fabric Traders offers more than 300 types of fabrics to suit your needs, all viewable via high-resolution images online.
  • Solid colour fabrics are the most popular and flexible type of fabric because a solid colour profile offers the most compatible and complementary function. Every shade possible is available in different tones and variants. Vivid colour fabrics will provide you with endless opportunities to blend seamlessly into the environment that you are creating. No matter what type of theme, or whichever furniture design you are in search of- there is a solid colour tone that flatters your theme.

Chevron Fabric
Chevron fabrics delve into the fun world of prints- sleepy and sedate prints stand aside! The Chevron is an aggressive and bold statement with hints of modern appeal and playful juxtaposition. A Chevron print uses contrasting shades and bold stripes in a replicating zig-zag pattern. This popular selection is commonly used to grace furnishings, upholstery, and custom-made gorgeous swaths of hanging drapes.

Floral and Botanical Themed Fabric
For a touch of softness, nothing evokes more emotion than seeing a print that bonds mankind’s creative endeavours with mother earth’s natural wonders. Floral and botanical fabrics display an abundance of lively shades and are available in a wide array of patterns and weaves. Whether you like flowers sprinkled delicately or an entire foreground intricately filled with woven botanical scenery, lovely garden-themed options await your perusal.

Ikat Print Fabric
Next, comes the Ikat print, a next-generation relative of the Chevron Print, and relative newcomer to the home fashion and design industry. How is the Ikat different from the Chevron? You may have recently seen Ikat print splashed across high fashion apparel and summer wear- so popular this print has been, it has now joined the family of fabric designs available for home decorations. Ikat is a type of pattern that is repetitious and design-oriented, with less straight lines and angles. The colour scheme usually involves more than two or three shades and has a partially blended tie -dye appearance.

Toile Fabric
Toile highlights the richness in fabric through textures and weaves more so than a plain colour option would provide. Toile is a soft woven canvas type of material, usually with a design printed on it. Toile means cloth, the appearance is like the types of fabric used for clothing, hence the creation of the name.

Striped, Check and Polka Dot
What could be more adorable and festive than polka dots? The next category is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Striped, Check and Polka Dot Patterns make the right statement depending upon surrounding tones and the type of energy that you would like to convey through your fabric selection. Nothing says urban flexibility like a black and white checker print! Stripes communicate energy and vibrancy, polka dots connotate brightness and whimsical fun.

Geometric Home Décor Fabrics
Geometric Home Décor Fabrics represent a category for advanced and technical design prints. Here the prints can resemble works of modern art. Many popular themes emerge through this category, including an ever-popular print that replicates the repeating silhouette pattern of rows of Moroccan tile. Whether a print echoes an artistic tribute to a far-off culture or a striking print created in plain tones and a futuristic graphics, geometric prints unleash the artist and imagination in all of us.

Paisley fabrics are ultra-groovy and reflect a timeless pattern that stands in a category all by itself. Shapes that emote a falling tear or rain droplet is a definite indication of a paisley invasion. With a protruding fringe delicately bordered around the perimeter, nothing breaks boundaries like this odd shaped design element. Many variations of the paisley print exist to suit your needs- the selection of paisley screams non-conformance and out-of-the-box distinction.

Luxe Fabrics
Luxe Fabrics will take your interior decorating game to another level. For that added distinction and ultra-rich texture, consider a luxe fabric option. Done in timeless and traditional shades with sophisticated undertones, Luxe fabrics ooze decadence. Complex in both weave and tone, Luxe Fabrics are multidimensional and will stand out from the crowd upon touch or gaze.

Vinyl, Faux Leather, and Suede
For the ultimate in non-traditional, consider a category that is not often immediately associated with interior decorating. Vinyl, Faux Leather, and Suede products are available for a truly unique fabric experience. An ottoman covered in suede will greatly enhance the value of the ottoman as well as enhance the durability of the surface area. Vinyl and Faux Leather are excellent options- the build of the fabric is dense and hardy and is perfect for high-traffic common areas.

Reference source for this article is: Fabric Traders and we wish to thank Helen Cartwright for her contribution.

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