Your Home Reflects Who You Are, What Does Yours Say

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Like it or not, who we are is transmitted into the world by practically every aspect of our lives: our jobs, who we spend time with, and even how we dress. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just the way it is. This also extends to our homes. In fact, more than anything we can say that it’s our home life that defines who we are. At work, we have to dress and act a certain way. In our home, we’re free to define it as we wish.

Evaluating Your Property

Sometimes, people fall into a property and decorate it in the style that they think they’re supposed to decorate it. Take a look at where you live: what does it say about you? You’ve put thought (though how much thought can vary) into everything about your place, so it’ll be full of “you”. Do you feel completely at home in these surroundings, or might you be able to do more? Might it even be that you don’t really see yourself reflected in the property? It’s never too late to start over with your house or to find a new property.

Finding the Right Match

If you’ve looked around your home and discovered that, actually, this isn’t really who you are or want to be, then there’s no point crying over spilled milk: make the change, and do something about it. We often fall into arrangements that we didn’t really plan to; it’s how we react to these things that define who we are. If you’re trying to live a traditional suburban life, but you know you belong in the great outdoors, take a look at and start living the life that belongs to you. If you’re living in cramped in a city, just existing, then it might be time to look elsewhere to find a space where you can afford to have more space and showcase your personality.

The Theme

Whether you’re moving to a new place or looking to transform your current place, you should think about, well, everything! Every purchase we make it a choice. If you don’t think that an Ikea furniture set reflects who you are, then don’t buy from Ikea. You don’t have to make your home look or feel good for anybody but you – you’re the one who lives there!

Room by Room

This will, however, take some time, because you’ll need to go through the property room by room. Don’t leave anything to chance; think about the decor and furniture. Also, having a property allows you to be creative. What kind of projects would you like to do? It might be using wood for DIY projects, brewing your own beer, or using a room for writing and art.

Remember: Be Bold!

You have a big personality, even if it doesn’t always show. There’s no reason to do things by halves when it comes to your home (or life, for that matter), so be bold and see how you can turn your home into something that is decidedly you!

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