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Why A Custom Home Might Just Be Your Dream House

custom made home

Home builds have been quite popular for some time now with about 1 in 5 homes constructed, a custom home (Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, 2016). The number of custom homes varies across states with New England and East Central North Divisions registering a high of 39% while the Middle Atlantic Division, 32%. Home building in the Mountain and the Pacific clocked in at 83% for spec starts while the Pacific recorded a 79% growth. If you are in the market for a new home, you might want to look at why custom homes are attractive to many and the advantages they offer.


Depending on where you live, the cost of buying a home is often high and very expensive. Not only do you have to put a down payment but also look at the long-term implications of a debt over your heads especially if you are not buying a first home. You don’t want to retire and still have a mortgage running. This is where custom houses offer the advantage because you can scale down their costs making that mortgage hurt less. Custom homes are usually built on a piece of land that you own so if you have already an empty property, you can use this space to construct your house. Land can set you back anywhere from an average of $1,773 per square foot in Manhattan, $1,185 in San Francisco, Boston $751 and LA, $451 according to a NeighborhoodX analysis on the property. High property value states such as New York and California command higher prices than others. But there are cheaper states, too such as Kansas where land is free (Marquette, Kansas is offering free housing lots to encourage people to relocate), Nevada, Alabama, and Michigan.

Ability to Adapt Homes

Custom houses are, what the name suggests, custom-made structures. The flexibility to design it according to your needs and desires is there. For instance, if you only want a cottage type with 2 bedrooms and devote the rest of the land to a garden, that is your choice. Or if you want to include a wellness room or a sunroom to the structure, you can also do this. A representative of Orange County Custom Home Builders points out that there is so much more room for adaptability when it comes to custom-made houses compared to properties that you already find in the market. Even mature adults who are thinking of scaling down can get a custom house that is senior ready with ramps for wheelchair access, wide doors, and modified bathrooms.

Little to No Unforeseen Repairs or Renovations

Something that is built from scratch is completely new and will not likely fall or crumble in a year’s time. When you go for a custom home, you select the materials together with your contractor that you will be using. You know exactly that the house is built according to your standards unlike buying existing homes that may have structural issues that will resurface when you occupy the house. Problems of mold, humidity or poor sewage might be present and undetectable when you are in the process of buying.

You’re Finally Getting Your Privacy

Custom homes offer you the possibility to build on land that you have carefully chosen. If you have already a secluded plot that you have paid for over the years, the only thing that remains is to build your dream house on the property that offers utter privacy for you and your family. You might go for a plot that’s near secluded woods or near a natural park. Whatever lot you have, you are finally getting that privacy and seclusion you have been dreaming for so long.

For those who like the flexibility, savings, and personalization that a custom house offers, it is an attractive option when planning your dream house. In addition, when it is something that you have built and spent time on, it’s like saying this is possibly the only house where I will be living.

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