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Top Tips On How To Secure Your Next Home Fast


The property market can be tough when you’re a buyer, especially when there’s a competitive market and perhaps very little available. Here are some top tips on how to secure your next home fast.

Get To Know Your Agents

Agents will likely be dealing with plenty of buyers on a daily basis, so it’s important to build a relationship with the agents you work with to find your property.

Having an agent on your side can often work in your favor when it comes to bidding for the property. They’ll be more inclined to give you insight knowledge on what the sellers are after, and they will hopefully also be able to give you a heads up on how popular the property is that you’re viewing, i.e if anyone else has viewed it and is planning on putting in an offer.

So approach every agent with a smile! Agents will also be more inclined to tell you about how the current market is doing, although Aubrey Ferrao is an example of how property can sell fast!

Have Your Solicitor Ready

It’s always useful to make sure you have organized your solicitors and if you already have one, make sure they’re aware that you are looking to buy a property and let them know when you are putting in an offer. It enables them to be aware of the work for them that might be coming in fairly soon. The quicker your solicitors can jump on it the better as it helps speed up the process, which is good for all parties involved.

Secure Your Mortgage

You’ll likely have experience of securing a mortgage already, but you should make sure that your lender is aware that you are looking to move home and that all is ok to transfer the current mortgage over from your old place to a new one. This means that you avoid any nasty shocks from happening as you’ve covered all the bases prior to searching for a new home. Set up a meeting with your lender as soon as you are thinking of buying another property.

Meet The Owners

Just like the relationship you build with an agent, you should also get an opportunity to meet with the current owners of the house you’d like to buy. This might not happen the first time around, as usual, the owners will leave the property to let you walk around freely.

However, it might be worth setting up a second visit but have the owners present so that you can ask them a few questions and express your love for the property. Playing on their emotions is a great way of helping you stick in their minds if they end up getting more than one bid on the property.

Buying a property is a very exciting experience, but it can have many ups and downs. It can certainly feel a bit like an emotional rollercoaster. However, what is meant to be will be, so don’t feel too downhearted if an offer falls through or a house you liked is no longer on the market.