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Tips for Increasing Security at Your Properties to Keep Tenants Happy

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Now that spring is here, and the weather is starting to warm up, it’s important for landlords, not tenants, to think about security. The fact is, warmer weather often brings out more burglars, so people, possessions and properties themselves are more at risk.

To protect your investments and keep tenants as safe as possible – and thereby willing to remain in your rental for longer – you must take steps to increase security. There are plenty of tasks you can complete as the temperature increases to make a positive impact. Read on for some suggestions of things to do to improve security at your properties this spring and beyond.

Install and Maintain Security Systems, Intercoms and/or Cameras

One primary thing to do to make tenants feel safer is to install security systems, intercoms and/or cameras on site. Many landlords will only do this for large multi-family homes or expensive, high-end properties that earn high rents because this offsets the cost. However, these features can be added to any property if you feel the need is warranted. Alternatively, install tech for tenants who wish for the extra security but charge them an additional fee for access.

When it comes to cameras (which can be quite affordable these days), the best places for installation are at the front and rear entrances to homes. If you own an entire block of apartments, you could also add these security devices to stairwells, hallways and underground garages. Once these devices have been installed, make sure they get checked regularly for wear and tear, particularly vital for those systems located outside, which have to cope with many different weather conditions.

Ensure All Locks Are Working Securely

Next, ensure all locks on your property are working securely. Quality locks should be placed on all entry and exit doors and windows, and this action includes openings situated above ground level; burglars can often get to higher floors than you might expect.

Consider adding deadbolt locks. Double-cylinder products are particularly hard for criminals to break into and are recommended for doors close to windows. You may want to think about adding chain locks and security screens to doors, too.

For properties located on or close to the ground floor, it pays to add security bars or screens to windows as these are important deterrents for criminals. If you don’t like the look of these safety precautions, another option is window sensors. When mechanisms on windows have been compromised, these systems sound an alarm.

Have Secure Doors

Another strategy is to think about the types of doors you use at your property. That is, entry and exit doors should be made from solid and heavy-duty materials such as wood and steel. While hollow doors are cheaper, these aren’t as secure because they can be broken reasonably easily. It’s best to avoid using front or back doors with glass panels or which are made of glass. Since glass can be broken, this can be more inviting to burglars and make the property more likely to be targeted.

You can further help tenants to feel secure by choosing front doors with peepholes. This way, those living in the home can peek out to see who is at their door without having to open it.

Arrange for Outdoor Areas to Be Cleaned up

Something not enough landlords do to increase security is to keep outdoor areas well lit and well organized. Burglars and other people with nefarious intentions are less likely to try anything at a property if they are visible from the street. Instead, they like to hide in shadows and behind things like tall trees, big shrubs and the like.

As such, install outdoor lighting and make sure you have gardeners trim overhanging trees or remove those too big for their location. Also cut back shrubs, especially those close to ground floor windows of the property. You need to declutter garden beds plus mow lawns regularly and use a weed control service so weeds don’t get crazy high.

This kind of overall landscaping property maintenance will not only give criminals fewer places to hide but also have an added benefit that being a tidy yard screams a discerning owner lives here. In turn, burglars will move on quickly as a tidy property suggests your home is alarmed or videoed.

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