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Three Ways to Ensure that your Business’ Extension is Fireproof

house fire

If you’re running a business, fire safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. That’s because it’s not just your safety, but also that of your worker’s you have to think about.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong that could cause a fire, such as appliances malfunctioning. However, there are plenty of things out there that you can do to implement safety within your building premises from the moment you build.

From fire safety equipment to ensure the building has all the right fittings, including the ones you can’t see, there are laws implemented by the government and companies that can help from the beginning.

The Right Equipment

During the investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire it was found that the fire started because of a fridge.

Meanwhile, a recent study by Which? Discovered over 250 fridges and freezers that posed a fire risk.

This just shows the everyday fire hazards that can be present at our work without us even thinking about it. Therefore ensuring you have some provisions in place, such as extinguishers or sprinklers, is of the utmost importance.

Below we take a look at three key ways you can fireproof your business premises, especially those areas that are newly built or about to be built.

Build Correctly

This may sound simple; after all, you will not build bad premises, are you?

Therefore, you should ensure you’re heavily involved in purchasing fittings and fixtures from beginning to end.

Equipping the building with super sturdy and secure fire stopping equipment, such as cavity barriers, fire stops and socks, penetration voids, and pipework, will help to keep your building safe and slow down the spread of fire should one break out.

This should even extend down to structural bits and pieces, including fire protection boards and accessories including staple guns, barrier supports and clamping plates.

Equip the Premises

Speaking of accessories, make sure your building is kitted out with everything you could need to stop fires in their tracks or help you out while inside.


The correct fire safety systems, including alarms and sprinklers, are a must in any building, helping to alert those on the premises and fire services to any issues. They’ll also help to stop the spread of a fire as best as possible.

Fire extinguishers are also something every building should have, but you should ensure you have the right type for your premises. If there’s more chance of an electrical fire or a fire started by chemicals or papers, there are extinguishers designed specifically for each one you can purchase.

Flashlights are also convenient, especially if there’s a power cut due to the fire, ensuring staff members can safely find their way out of buildings.


Finally, make sure there isn’t any extra fuel for the fire. This means clear away any clutter such as excess boxes and papers.

It may sound simple, but it’ll really help stop the spread of a fire if there’s nothing extra for it to feed off.

So if you are extending your business premises, or have extended, make sure you take all the steps to keep it safe from the building stage, and onwards, with these tips.