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The Features People Need When Buying A Home

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We all have our own idea of what makes a house stand out in the market, and whether we are renting or buying a property, we go with our gut instinct, but is what you want out of a house the same as what everyone else wants? So what are the most important things people look for in a prospective property?

The Bathroom

Perhaps unsurprisingly, having a quality bathroom ranks very high up on the list. While many homebuyers are eschewing aesthetics in favor of practicalities, the bathroom comes as a high concern. And with the cost to move around items and rewire the plumbing, it can be a very expensive room to maintain if it isn’t already in a presentable and liveable condition. If you are viewing a home, make sure to test the plumbing, and if you are selling a home, you may want to invest some money in making it to standard. But there are ways to learn how to sell your house fast even if your home isn’t up to scratch. You can qualify for a cash offer on your home, which is great if you need to get up and go as soon as possible.

Off-Road Parking

Having parking that isn’t on the street is in the interest of the buyer if they are looking for a property that is a bit more costly than they originally budgeted for. Parking your car in the street can increase your insurance premiums, so it is in many people’s interest to have it on a driveway or in a garage. It tends to add to the value of the house because people will feel safer in the area. Leaving your car out on the street in a built-up area at night means much more cost for the motorist, but also a lot more headaches if you suffer from break-ins in that area.

Good Broadband

It’s surprising how many areas don’t have adequate broadband connections. The reliance we all place on the internet and our mobile phones means that the use of landline telephones has been replaced with Skype and mobile phone calls. The increased use of streaming services also means that so many of us require a connection that is fast enough to cope with the amount of streaming services we use now. In addition to this, the option for people to work from home now means that they need to be kept in the loop on a constant basis, whether by video conference or email.

A Good Energy Efficiency Rating

The cost of properties rising means that people like to save money in other areas to balance out the finances. Having a high energy efficiency rating means that people will spend less on their bills and so they are likely to spend a bit more on the home they want! As well as rising utility costs, people need to know that their home retains heat and is well insulated, so they don’t have to have the heating on as much!


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