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Swimming in Money: Do Swimming Pools Increase Home Value?

swimming pool

There is no better feeling then being able to dive into a swimming pool on a hot summers day.

It is an upscale amenity that can attract prospective buyers. Having a pool of your own can distract you and you might overlook some factors that are important when it comes to having an indoor swimming pool.

Whether having swimming pools increases the home value or not is yet to be found. Realistically, it depends on several factors that must be considered before installing a pool.

This article can help you decide whether installing a pool will increase the value of your house.

Is a Pool Worth It?

There are two types of swimming pools: the above and the in-ground type. Both inground pool cost and above ground pool cost vary. The average swimming pool cost lies between 25,700-29,600.

This might give you a shock but that is the average amount. If you are thinking about DIY pools, then this is can translate into a huge amount of expenses and gives you a short period of enjoyment.

This average amount is the installation cost. Once it has been installed, you are on your own to bear the expenses of maintenance.

The upkeep that follows also has a cost that you would be required to pay annually. For some, this might be a point to step back. However, some are willing to pay the amount.

If you are considering the idea of installing a pool in your home then check out these outdoor pool trends to mesmerize the visitors.

Usually, houses with indoor swimming are found in high-end neighborhoods. If you are thinking about selling your house, then you must find an appropriate buyer so that you can get a good bargain.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of a pool is another factor that cannot be ignored. If you are buying a house with a swimming pool, then you must know how much it is going to cost you to maintain it.

Buying a house with a pool alone is not the only deal. There are many other aspects that come along. One such aspect is the maintenance cost.


If you think you can buy a house with a pool and can bear the above ground or inground pool cost then the following factors must be conveyed to you.

  • Chlorine: this is for the purpose of neutralizing the harmful bacteria. The cost may go upto$70 per 25 pounds.
  • Muriatic acid: this is needed to keep the pH levels low. This costs $8 a gallon.
  • Test kit: you would need this to gauge pH levels. The cost is $15.
  • Pool skimmer’s cost is $7

Apart from this, there are some other factors that you might have to do weekly or biweekly. These factors are tasks that are solely for the purpose of keeping the pool top-notch and clean. Some of them are given below:

Regular Oxidations

Just because you have an indoor pool does not mean that cleaning is not required. You cannot forgo this treatment as it is mandatory and essential for the maintenance of a pool.

Shocking a pool or chlorinating it is crucial so that you can get rid of the waste that is impossible to filter like grease, perfume, body oil, etc. the level of cholerine would depend on the pool. If they drop, then you must shock the pool again.


It depends on how much you use the pool. A pool filter on average runs for about 8 to 12 hours. Such a demanding schedule can sometimes become a stressful task. You should make sure to keep the pool as clean as possible so that minimum time can be spent on cleaning the pool.

Filter Cleaning

The filter should be cleaned once every three months. You should use a cleaner to thoroughly clean the filter. Make sure you check the hoses and fans if they are working properly. They should remove all excess chemicals.

Cover Cleaning

They should be cleaned twice or thrice a year. While cleaning them, you must use a chemical to ensure that all excessive dirt has been removed. Even if you aren’t using the pool much, you should try to keep it clean as there are substances that get trapped.

Have Proper Ventilation

One of the troubleshooting problems in a house with a pool is poor ventilation. Poorly installed windows can become a cause of the odor and high humidity levels. This can increase the growth of mold and algae.

If the condition persists, it can weaken the house structure making it rot. While buying a house with a pool, you must make sure that there is proper ventilation.

These are some of the aspects that must be considered while buying a house with a pool. It increases the value from a resale point of view.

The idea itself seems fancy to have a pool in a home. House with a pool brings many options to enjoy and keep your kids tied to this attraction. Instead of going to an outdoor pool, you can let your kids have fun at home. These 20 fun pool games for kids can help you keep them busy and entertained this summer.

Do Swimming Pools Add Value to Homes?

It is highly dependent on the locality as well as the design of the house. While the cost of installation and upkeep are high, a house with an indoor pool offers many fun activities. Swimming pools can attract prospective buyers and help you increase the value of your home.

You need to make sure that the pool is built keeping in mind the important factors. Having a pool in your home can increase its value. Technology has made it easier to manage things efficiently than before.


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