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Stunning Areas To Buy Property

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The US is home to some amazing real estate and scenery. The houses are bigger than average compared to most place in the world, and you really are spoilt for choice in terms of location. You’ve either got the hustle and bustle of a big city apartment in New York, the beautiful white beach houses of Miami, or the perfect forest retreats of Utah. All of which are perfect to set up home for life. Depending on the type of lifestyle you want, America has it all. Here’s a few of the most stunning areas you should consider buying real estate in.


Connecticut is a beautiful state with plenty to offer. It’s the perfect mix of beaches, and natural beauty. The coastal cities are filled with life. There’s amazing restaurants, bars, and plenty of shopping to be done. It’s also known that connecticut is one of the best paid states in the US. The average US household earns more than anywhere else. If you’re more into the relaxed lifestyle, there’s plenty of rural areas for some peace and quiet. If Connecticut sounds like the place for you and you’re looking to move. Then a real estate agency like the Lauren Sells Teams can point you in the right direction in terms of property types.


Miami is known as part of the sunshine state of Florida, and for good reason, the sun always seems to be shining. Miami is just so white and beautiful, it really is an uplifting state to live in. It has taken influence from the Cuban way of life, and is filled with cigar shops and cute little Cuban themed cafes. The lifestyle there is so laid back, yet so exciting. There’s the famous Miami beach, and other gorgeous white sanded beaches, and the amazing shopping experiences. If you’re wondering round Miami, you’ll no doubt bump into some of the world’s most famous celebrities. The real estate is a little more pricey than other areas, but the vibe of living in Miami is worth it. Living costs are also a little higher here, but not that much that living will become unaffordable. There are plenty of job opportunities within the city and the stunning real estate on the beaches is something that’s hard to give a miss.


From the hustle and bustle, back to the quiet lifestyle. Montana is such an amazing state to live in. It’s home to the famous Glacier National Park, boasts the cleanest air in the USA. There’s no smog covering the incredible views here, and again, the atmosphere is just so laid back. The housing prices again are a little cheaper than some of the big states, and there’s so much more to do in terms of a healthy lifestyle and adventure. In the winter, it becomes a winter haven, with the peaks covered in snow, and the Yellowstone National Park becoming a place of even more stunning natural beauty to visit.