Sense A European Investment? Here’s Where To Head

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When you’ve got tired of buying up the properties with the best resale or rental value at home, it’s time to look abroad. Not only can you find yourself a lovely little home from home or vacation property, but you can also make a killing too. Investing in real estate has its flaws, but the benefits often outweigh the rest – it’s no different when you’re buying abroad. When you adjust to the time difference and possible language barrier, you can open your eyes up to a wealth of incredible properties with a lot of earning potential.

Mainland Spain

Spain is always an ideal location to invest in. The weather is warm for most of the year, and the stunning coastline attracts holidayers from all over Europe. Whether you choose to buy in a more built up area on the coast or head inland to find something a little more rustic, your options are endless. From the more traditional north to the modernized south, you’re sure to find a Spanish town that fits your investment requirements.


As one of the most popular counties for tourists in Europe and internationally, France will always be a solid choice for property investment. House prices across the country are usually quite low, meaning you will have a lot of potential to make money whether you choose to renovate and resell or rent out. Whether you need a bit of advice in the area or funding, expert companies like Enness International can help you out with all aspects of the financial endeavor.


Portugal’s popularity is always on the rise. Great weather and a friendly culture make it an ideal buying choice if you’re looking for guaranteed tenants or to own a holiday let. In the Algarve, holidays are on the up. The sunny days and lighter nights in the south make it a prime place to find potential buyers when your project is complete. Tax relief makes this part of the world a gem to some, so choose the kind of property you’re after and get to work. From quaint apartments to luxury villas, Portugal has them all.

Balearic Island

The Balearic Islands are increasingly popular, and the increase in property prices follows suit. So if you want to invest, act fast. Planning rules are relatively strict across all islands, so you’re guaranteed to bag yourself a good find. Minimal work may be required, but the rapid increase in prices means that you will still get a great return if you choose to sell sooner rather than later. From Ibiza to Mallorca, you’ve got some research to do before you decide, so it’s time to start reading.

Canary Islands

Although every island offers its own charm, you’ll definitely find a market when you look to The Canaries. The weather makes these islands a vacation hotspot all year round, meaning you’re guaranteed great value. Whether you’re looking for a rental property or you want to fix and flip as soon as possible, the Canary Islands offer a range of backdrops to choose from, as well as prices.

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