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Selling A House With Personal Property

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Do you need to sell your home with personal property items? It’s not uncommon to have personal items to sell when you sell your home.

The process of selling a house can be challenging and more so when you also need to sell stuff you no longer need.

In this article, we look at how you can make this process seamless and stress-free.

Save Time Get Professional Help

If you’ve relocated to another state or you’re now much older and not as mobile as you used to be, there are services you can use to assist you with selling your house and also sell personal property. So relax, and let’s look at what you can do to make the sales process a lot more rewarding.

Personal Property

We all have too much stuff, and over the years, it accumulates, making the job of sorting it time-consuming.

Create a List

Get organised and put aside enough time to go through what is valuable and useful and what is rubbish.

Once you have decluttered and sorted the rubbish and charity items from the personal property for sale make a list of the items.

Create a spreadsheet and use the columns so you can add information that makes each item easy to identify. On your list identify:

  • Type – what is the item
  • Number – add a sticky number to the item so it’s easy to find and identify on your list
  • Description – what does it look like and where to find it
  • Value – add in what you think is its sales value

While this action will be time-consuming, it will be beneficial later on. You will know what you are selling and how much it’s worth. Ideally, you can do this task with the help of a friend, family or someone you trust.

If not, then you can engage an expert to do it for you. If you need to outsource this to a third party, be sure to check that they have added all your personal property and that the values are at market prices, i.e. what you would get if you sold it today.

Selling an empty house is easier, so aim to sell your personal property before preparing your house for sale.

Garage Sale

Some items will sell immediately at a garage sale. You don’t need to put the items in your garage. If it’s a nice day, you can have them out on your lawn. Passerbyers will come in and find what they want.

More visual exposure to your personal property will get it sold quickly.


Social Media and Craigs List

For the items that are left unsold, consider social media and Craigs List. You don’t need to be on social media or an expert on listing items for sale on Craigs List. Reach out to your family, friends or a third party to manage the listing process and sale.

Facebook has its own marketplace, and there is also eBay and Craigs List. What’s important is you give yourself enough time to sell your personal property before needing to show your home to prospective buyers. Store your personal property in a storage facility or with family or friends if you run out of time.

Sell Your Home

Now we turn our attention to getting your house sold.

We have many articles on how to prepare and stage your home for sale. Here is a summary of what you need to get to get the maximum sales price for your home.

Prepare your home for sale

Clean and Renovate

Now your home is empty of your personal property, and you can see the years of accumulated living. Your home needs a deep clean of all walls, floors and fixed fittings.

  • Paint walls (interior, exterior)
  • Wash windows, clean lights, switches, surfaces
  • Replace flooring if worn
  • Groom front and back gardens

Stage Your Home

Now your home is sparkling clean, and it’s time to turn your attention to staging it for sale.

Choose a home staging company that can set up every room as if it’s lived in such prospective buyers can visualize how they’d use the room. It is important to create the right emotion from homebuyers, so they want your home and are willing to pay the maximum price.

Use A Realtor

A real estate agent will manage the sales process for you. They are responsible for marketing your home for sale and negotiating the price with the buyer. You will need a lawyer who will make sure the legal documents are correct and that you know what you’re doing, and that the sale is what you want.

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