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Safety and Security Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents often work alone, and this is one of many careers that come with risks. Most people would never dream of walking into a house with strangers, but this is an everyday reality for real estate agents. Thankfully, realtors are rarely put in any real danger, but if you are worried about your personal safety or your staff members, there are ways to get peace of mind for everyone.

Always Meet Potential Clients in a Public Area First

Always treat new potential clients as if you would a date. You would always meet in a public place first before wandering into a stranger’s house, and as a real estate agent, doing the same can ensure you avoid potential dangers. Clients may have just as much wariness of you as you have of them and meeting publicly can alleviate this fear for you both. You may want to first meet in the office or a local café before taking them to a private showing. You should also always check their ID, so you can confirm they are who they say. Always follow your gut instinct if something doesn’t feel right.

Ensure Someone Always Knows Your Location

Whether you let your partner know where you are going that day, or you provide colleagues with the address of your next viewing, always ensure someone knows your whereabouts in case of an emergency. Technology is your best friend when it comes to location services, with apps such as Find My iPhone. Having this turned on means your location can be tracked by your phone if necessary.

Keep Control of the Keys

Treat the keys to show homes as you would your own home. Leaving the key under the mat can leave both you and clients in danger. Keys can easily be copied and replaced without knowledge and both you and your client’s safety are paramount. Ensure the key is always locked away safely.

Allow Clients to Take the Lead

This is the same for any job that involves being in a home or room with others, from nurses to real estate agents. Always situate yourself where you are closest to the exit, with nothing blocking the route. This may mean sitting in the chair closest to the front door and allowing the client to take the lead when walking round. Avoid going into basements and be mindful of anyone that seems to be purposefully trying to block your exit.

Tech Safety

You aren’t just in danger when viewing houses, however; you may also be in danger of having your data lost or stolen. Losing your cell phone or having it stolen as a real estate agent could mean missing out on crucial sales and information. A company such as Secure Data Recovery can help you find your data as quickly as you need it.

Real estate agents can keep themselves safe by meeting clients in a safe area before showing them a home, making use of location services and staying close to an exit at all times. If you believe you or a colleague is in danger, contact your local police department.

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