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Liverpool Self Catered Apartments Create Options For Travellers


Since the pandemic, and travellers can now enjoy the warmer months in the UK. When it comes to accommodation, they have more options than ever before as many people hesitate on saying home, travelling nationally or going abroad to Europe.

It’s the hotels, motels and Airbnbs that get the lions-share of bookings even though there’s one type of accommodation that more than delivers on so many fronts. Self-catered apartments. Is it this type of accommodation less popular because it’s more hands-on? In part, but it’s also less well understood.

There’s no doubting self-catered apartments suitability as living quarters. During the lockdown, Dream Apartments provided support to essential workers nonetheless including putting up workers in their apartments and not just in Liverpool. With properties in Belfast, Liverpool and Newcastle, instead of travelling home after a long day at work, essential workers could relax in the confirms of a self-catered apartment.

So why would you, as a traveller, choose a self-catered apartment as your preferred type of accommodation?

It’s a win-win with the apartments providing the at-home feel of an Airbnb but with all the comforts of a hotel room.

More Room for Less Money

The best thing about self-catered apartments is that you’ll get a better and more spacious room for a fraction of the price you’d have to pay for the same level of accommodation in a hotel. It is estimated that serviced apartments are on average about a third larger than hotel rooms of the same standard. The room will feel more luxurious, and you’ll be able to enjoy your quarters if you’re travelling with a partner, friend, spouse, or family.

Home Comforts, Hotel Service

Another great thing about self-catered apartments is that you’ll feel exactly like you would at home, but you’ll also have some of the perks of staying in a hotel. Some services will offer a 24/7 concierge, around the clock security, and housekeeping.

On the other hand, you’ll have all the entertainment options you need, be able to bring friends over, and cook your meals.
This is a big one if you’re trying to cut your budget. Eating out is probably one of the biggest yet unnecessary expenses when travelling.

With your apartment, you’ll be able to enjoy great meals every day of the week without having to worry about your budget. Some people spend almost half of their budget on food alone, so being able to buy from the local supermarket will leave you with many more options, and you can spend your money on something other than just eating.

Freedom and Privacy

With your self-catered apartment, there is no knocking on the door asking if you want your bed turned down or that ignoring tap on the door in the morning for ‘housekeeping’, i.e. cleaning your room. Privacy is a given with your self-catered apartment. Plus you can spread out, and use the living room as an extended office – particularly useful when you’re on a business trip.

There’s no doubting the competition is fierce for customers with the accommodation providers, so do your research before you book.

What usually wins over travellers to Liverpool is that many self-catered apartments are in a central location, i.e. in the heart of the CBD (central business district). So while you’re left to your own resources, in self-catering, for many holidaymakers that’s precisely what they’re after post-pandemic and lockdown.  Businesses are opening up again in Liverpool and indeed most parts of the north of the UK, and with your own accommodation, you can spend less time worrying about hotel etiquette and conversing with staff and more time get out and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, that been eluding us for months.

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