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Listing Presentation Tips For New Real Estate Agents

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When property prices are up, there is a lot more competition for property listings. Higher property sales prices attract more people to become real estate agents.

Homeowners keen to sell up want the best agent managing their property listing to interview a few agents from different agencies.

The listing presentation is an opportunity for the agent to present their skills, experience and how they’d list the property for sale. The homeowner will be swayed to hand over the marketing and listing representation to the agent with the best listing presentation.

In this property article, we have tips on honing your listing presentation to secure more real estate listings.


Did you know most people buy on emotion? So what is emotion? Buying based on emotion is less methodical or reasoned. It is based on your gut instinct, aka intuition. Taking action to buy due to how you feel is buying on emotion.

Therefore a crucial part of any sales presentation is how you connect with the prospective customer.

For real estate agents giving a real estate listing presentation the starting point is to find a connection with the seller. For example, a connection may be that you have similar hobbies, or you know some of the same people.


Another critical tip is to listen to the seller and note all their concerns, so you can address them during your listing presentation or let them know you will come back to them with the information. Plus, find out the seller’s experience with other agents.


Find out about the seller’s time frame and if the sale is urgent. Why are they selling? In addition, you can also inquire how much money they hope to make from the sale.

Listing Presentation – Content

The first thing you need to do before creating a listing presentation is research.


Start your research by getting a thorough understanding of the local property market, i.e. a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of property listings and recent sales.

Your competitors will know how many listings are similar to the seller’s property.


Plus also specifics on properties sold in total and statistics on how the market is trending. Is it a buoyant market with rising property sales prices, or has it plateaued or even dropped?

You need to show your knowledge in the listing presentation, assuring the seller you know what it will take to get their property sold quickly and for a reasonable price.

Building confidence and trust with the seller is paramount, and this can be achieved when you show you know your job.

Presentation Aids

Have a demo of a toll-free hotline recording, online text messaging, or any other initiative that will wow the seller.

Plus, the virtual tour is a must for any property listing, so demo how this would work for their home too.

Don’t assume your seller knows anything about marketing a home so go through everything from social media posts to videos, use of drones for images – the works.

Display how your agency uses technology to reach more prospective buyers, i.e. demonstrate all the available tech to you during the listing presentation.

Value Proposition

41% of sellers choose a real estate agent who was referred to them.

Know and share your USPs (Unique Selling Points). You’ll need to do your homework on your competitors so you know you can leave the seller with a listing presentation that is both memorable and different.

Even when you’re presenting to a seller where you were referred to them by a trusted source, focus on securing the business. Remember the deal is not done until the agreement is signed.

Summing Up

The real estate agent listing presentation is like any sales presentation to customers insofar as you need to be on top of your game. Show confidence, relevance, knowledge and most of all, that you can be trusted to provide the service and get the home sold.

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