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Keep Carpenters Safe and Healthy with These Tips

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Most workers push their bodies harder leading to workplace injuries such as strains and sprains. A carpenter is no exception to such injuries which mostly come from frequent bending, twisting, and sudden movements among others causes.

But even when you are practising the right safety procedures and protocols, it doesn’t exclude you from encountering injuries and pains.

The number one reason for workers compensation injuries is spinal cord injuries resulting from lifting heavy tools or vibrations, for example.

A workers compensation policy is there to compensate you and cover any medical care, rehabilitation and lost wages due to the injury.

However, most work injuries are avoidable. As a carpenter, I advise you to keep it here for free tips to help you avoid back pain the whole of 2019.

1. Stretch More

A simple stretching before and after work helps relieve back pains as well as easing up the body muscles which reduce chances of injury. When you follow a daily routine of stretching, you will soon start to realize your back pain is drifting away.

Try stretching exercises like lying flat on your back, holding your leg up to your chest for ten seconds. You can also try lying on your stomach and prop yourself up through your elbows. This helps to reduce tension buildup in your back. Yoga poses also do well in fighting back pains in carpenters.

2. Cold and Hot Therapy

A cold and subsequent hot therapy helps greatly to get rid of back pain after long day work. While cold therapy helps reduce inflammation, hot therapy will help in blood circulation and the healing process.

If you carefully listen to what’s happening to your body, you’ll be able to notice the first signs of pain. Immediately apply an ice pack to the painful area–use a towel or some kind of cloth to avoid direct ice-skin contact. Keep the ice pack there for about 20 minutes. Then use a heating pad or hot water on the painful area for about 30 minutes.

3. Sleep Sideways

Admittedly, chronic back pain makes sleeping unpleasant. As a carpenter, as you know, you need to get a good rest after a long day’s work.

But as it turns out, lying motionless isn’t fair and can lead to further complications. So do you keep moving?

Not at all. Sleeping is not an option, it’s a must for everybody, but you can make changes in your sleeping habits. I mean there are sleeping styles that help you get rid of back pains.


First, sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. This action will keep your spine stable and reduce the tension on your back. It not advisable to lie flat on your back. But if you must sleep on your stomach, put a pillow underneath your lower abdomen to help take the stress off your back. A pillow under your head is also vital for a good sleep as well.

4. Work Smart

As a carpenter, you have to listen to the demands of your body and be mindful of its capacity. You must keep your body’s exertion under control. Make sure you’re are lifting with your legs to take the strain off of your back. This will save you from a back injury and subsequent pain.

You should also make sure to keep the object you’re lifting close to your body. When you try to reach for a heavy thing, you’re forcing your body into a dangerous position while exerting unnecessary pressure on your muscles.

Also, check on your movements when performing repetitive motion tasks. Don’t twist your waits so much or overwhelm it with much exertion. Importantly, try to lighten your loads before you lift them.

5. Wear A Back Brace

As a carpenter, you need to use a back brace which can help you get rid of back pain.

This helps reduce pressure on your back during heavy lifting or bending. They also help you maintain your posture, which relieves tension off your back.

Once you are on a back brace, you will feel comfortable making carpentry movements as well as providing support during movement.

6. Try A Foam Back Roller

Foam rollers are great when it comes to massaging your spine. They have recently gained popularity due to their ability to alleviate the middle back pain.

Whether you are an established carpenter or just starting, rollers are easy to use, available and affordable. You will find them so popular with yoga folks, Pilates, and physical therapists.

Place a roller on the ground in a spacious room or space. Lie down perpendicularly to the roller and position it under your shoulders. Then make back and forth movements along with the most painful areas.

7. Use Anti-Inflammatories

If you are experiencing pains, it’s advisable to use anti-inflammatories rather than painkillers which are addictive upon prolonged use.

These non-steroidal drugs provide short-term pain relief by reducing nerve stimulation as well as muscle inflammation.


Talk to your doctor about the safe use of anti-inflammatories and pain management options if the discomfort is becoming persistent.

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