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Increasing Hotel Security Measures in 2019

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News and stories make it seem as though hotels never stop getting attacked, regardless of strong policies and procedures. There is regular news of break-ins and theft, an increasing number of cyberattacks, fraud, and others. The implication of this is always bad; causing distrust and reduction in ROI, wasting and frustrating the tremendous impact of hotel staff and management.

In 2019, here are the top security measures that companies in the hospitable industry, including hotels, are taking and should take.

1. Get Insured:

Knowing that security issues are not always dependent on the hotel management and staff; that is, they give all diligence to do almost everything right; taking hotel insurance is a great measure to protect your properties and that of your guests from uncontrollable situations.

2. Update Locks:

Door and security companies are constantly working on providing anti-theft door lock and security system. You need to make sure that your hotel doors stay relevantly updated. Door locks that track who goes in and out of rooms, automatic deadbolts, systems that require no master key, etc., all of these are just some lock measures developed to reduce attacks such as theft and burglaries. Consider them.

3. Have a Standard Monitoring:

It is tiring to monitor closed-circuit television (CCTV). It is more boring for anyone locked up in the monitoring room when nothing that piques the mind happens for hours or days. However, there are software that can help; recent innovations include software developed to detect threats, some video cameras can send red alerts, too, when something unusual happens. There are also third parties who can help monitor CCTV activities from outside the hotel and they can send a signal to the hotel as soon as something is detected.

4. Train Staff:

Staff should be regularly trained about security protocols and relationships with guests and how to identify possible threats. The development of security consciousness in staff is a security measure in itself.

5. IT and Security Departments should Work Together:

In the advancing sense of cybersecurity breach, there shouldn’t be an independent functioning in IT and security departments; they should work together with defined boundaries of each department.

6. Hire Staff Carefully

It is great to hire staff while being security consciousness by performing checks on drugs, criminal background checks, consider a guarantor, etc. Staff should know the rules and the repercussion of the breakage, in clear terms.

7. Have Updated Emergency Response Protocols

Fire or any natural disaster is a security threat. Criminal attacks can happen suddenly, too. Hence, there should be plans for emergencies like these that would reach out to the necessary departments that can help or control these issues. Emergency codes to related social departments should be on speed dial.

8. Have Regular Area Patrols

It is common to have attacks happen in the parking lots, comfort stations, and other public-accessible areas. Therefore, there should be professional security guards on regular patrol in such areas, to make sure all things are in order. And more interestingly, it will be great that the patrolling security agent be on mufti, to blend like a commoner to the scene.

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