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Improving The Privacy Of Your Home

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Privacy is what we all desire when we’re at home, and it’s also a valuable asset. Homebuyers pay more for properties that offer it, so if your home is like living in a fish bowl you can take action to keep onlookers at bay, and give your home the privacy it needs.

Put up Fences

Have you heard of the phrase:  “Fences make good neighbours”?  It’s meaning has changed over the years but ostensibly it’s now is used to infer neighbours respecting boundaries and privacy.  When putting up a fence, consider your neighbor’s preference and have an agreement with them as to what type of fence you both prefer. You may need to share a fence with your neighbor, and it is only fair if you consult them before constructing one around your home. You can ask them to team up with you to put up something that you will both agree and share the cost.

Plant Evergreens

These are gentle shrubs or bushes that you plant around your home to keep people from viewing the inside of your premises. You can also plant trees that form a green canopy to keep viewers at bay. Plants that are well maintained give your home an aesthetic appearance.

Build Walls

Walls are permanent constructions that are built around your home. Before building a wall, consider the drainage of the area. You may put up a wall that blocks the drainage system hence causing more damage. As for building materials, you can use locally available materials that will only cost you a few bucks. These walls help to keep your children and pets safe when playing outside your house without supervision.

Cover Windows

It is not a good feeling to notice a stranger peeping through the windows of your home. You can choose to change the height of your house windows to give them more privacy. There are windows with translucent glasses that can bring in enough light and allow you to see through them from inside. These windows block people from viewing your house from outside. You may also wish to cover your windows with light curtains.

Refuse Disposal

When disposing the documents you no longer need and have your details, try burn them rather than throwing them in the trash bins. If you lose any of your personal documents like credit cards, visit the nearest bank and freeze them. Also teach your kids to keep all the journals that show their home addresses and contacts at a safe place. Such documents can be very dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.

Home Telephone

Now you’ve got your home’s external privacy sorted out there’s still more to do to make sure your own personal privacy is guaranteed while you’re in your home.  The telephone is another way intruders can get into your home and to you so to speak.

Robocalls and telemarketing calls can be harassing and intimidating and leave you feeling someone is watching you. These calls are an example of a home telephone breach, which is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. So there is legal remedy at hand when this occurs.  Even though you nor your family have nothing to hide, being watched or harassed can affect your level comfort while you’re at home so take control by have an auto message on your phone so you can screen every call.

Changing your phone number is also another way to get a step ahead.  Also add your phone number to the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ so telemarketers are forewarned not to call your phone number.


How you live in your home is important and taking steps to provide privacy for  you and your family just makes sense and the external additions like fences and planting will also add value to your property when it comes time to move on.

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