Importance of Height Safety Training in the Construction Industry

Height-safety meetingWorking at heights is one of the main reasons of injuries at workplaces around the world. Height safety system is something that should be taken very seriously. Construction companies working on some high-rise buildings must take this system into consideration for the welfare of their employees. Day after day, there has been a significant rise in the awareness of height safety systems.

There are some really useful equipment available, for example roof access ladders, ladder stabilizing brackets, walkways, roof anchors, static lines, etc. that help you combat the hazards while you work on heights. Check out this interactive e-book to ensure that you’re prepared for an OSHA safety inspection check by minimalizing workplace hazards. Have a look at the importance of height safety training programs in the construction industry:

Injuries caused by working at heights

‘Working at height’ injury means any injury caused because of working on a structure that is high off the ground. This invariably means falling from something, like scaffold, ladders, roofs or through a fragile material that is high up. All of these are quite real and common scenarios for construction workers to be around.

Protecting people working at heights

In 2005, UK introduced a law aimed at decreasing the number of accidents and injuries because of working at heights. The Working at Heights Regulations 2005, says that working in an environment where a staff member is at a height should be avoided wherever it is possible. Also, employers must practice all the reasonably possible procedures in order to protect any of their employees from falling.

The law even requires companies to install and use specialized equipment without fail to prevent falls in situations where working at height cannot be ignored. Fall prevention and fall protection equipment or some other alternatives must be in place positively, where the risk of falling can’t be prevented, to avoid injuries and diminish risks of falls.

Also, it is very important to know that a worker doesn’t always needs to be the one working at heights. In fact, even the equipment that is high up can fall and can cause injuries to the staff members working below. This also comes under the Working at Height Regulations.

Not only does working at heights increases risks for workers, but companies themselves are responsible for prosecution from the Health & Safety Executive if accidents take place and especially in cases where the Working at Heights Regulations, 2005 have been ignored or not followed properly.

Importance of ‘working at height’ training programs

Following ‘working at height’ training for employees who work at construction sites can help in decreasing the chances of accidents taking place. It will give workers a better understanding of practices they can bring in use in order to diminish the risks of falls, as well as to have measures in place to reduce the chances of them taking place.

This training even covers other ‘working at height’ situations and provides guidance for structures or equipment that are in raised positions and may be prone to falling below. It also covers the Health and Safety laws, ensuring your employees are completely aware of what all is expected of them and the company in this regard.

It can educate the workers about the risks involved with the ultimate objective being that accidents are decreased, or even vanished. Also, it is important to make sure that training is given on any equipment used on a construction site.

From a company’s point of view, training workers professionally for working at heights will not only reflect a greater standard of care for its staff members, but can even help in a situation if a legal action is taken against the company for accidents when it comes to working at heights.

Showing proof that all your employees have gone through the training can show the Health and Safety Executive that the organization is making efforts that are reasonably possible to reduce the risks involved in working at heights.

These were some of the benefits of introducing your workers at a construction site with height safety training. Hope you find this article informative and helpful.

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