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How To Sell Your Property Quickly

sell home quickly


Selling a property can be a stressful time, and the quicker it is done, the better for everyone concerned from vendor to buyer and including the realtor too. To help sell your home more quickly, there are some things you can do that will ensure almost everyone who walks through the door to view it will love it and may even want to buy it.

Selling your home doesn’t have to take a long time, and it doesn’t have to be stressful if you prepare well in advance.


You may not have given much thought to the exterior of your home, and this makes sense since it’s not something you often look at – once you are home and only see the interior, and when you are away from home you don’t notice the outside either.

What is important to remember, though, is that any potential buyers are definitely going to notice the outside of your home; it will be the first thing they look at it and it can give them a negative or positive view of the rest of the property before they even step inside.

Some people won’t even make an appointment to view a property if they don’t like the look of the exterior, even if everything else is ideal for them.

Spending some time and money making the exterior of your home look great is well worth it if you don’t want to have your house waiting on the sales market for many months, giving you nothing but frustration. You can clear your front yard and make it look beautiful with new plants, and you can clean or repair driveways.

Garage doors should also be repainted in need be and so should the house itself. Gutters and roofs also need to be checked over, and you can read more here about having an expert in to do this for you. Anything that can be done to make your home look great and well cared for should be.

Make Repairs

When you are living in your home and it isn’t up for sale, those little repair jobs that need to be done can always wait – you may find that you often keep putting them off until another time.

However, when you want to sell your property it is vital that you make these repairs and get the house in order so that it will sell more quickly. Making renovation to the kitchen and bathroom are good ways to encourage people to buy your home, and they don’t have to cost a lot to do.

A new bathtub, basin, and toilet may cost a few hundred dollars, but if they are installed properly and look good, you can recoup the cost when you sell the house and people will be more inclined to look around.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that most people will want to have as new as possible, but don’t forget the rest of the house either. A new coat of paint, some new drapes, carpets that have been professionally cleaned (or replaced entirely), and other work that makes your home look like new can make such a difference.


The Right Lighting

Your home may be gorgeous, but without the right lighting, it might take a longer time to sell.

Many people won’t have thought about this, and if the property you are selling is your home then it could simply be that you are used to the level of lighting within it, but if your lighting is too bright or too dark, you could easily be putting potential buyers off. The right lighting should be in place to show your house off to its best advantage, highlighting all the work you have put into it and making it feel comfortable and homely.

Too dark and the house will feel small. Too bright and it will feel clinical. Neither is a good feeling for a buyer.

The Color

Color is a subjective thing, and what you like might be someone else’s worst decorative idea. Remember that when you are living in the house, you can have it exactly as you want, in any color that works for you, but when you’re selling it can be crucial to change those colors and make the property look a lot more neutral. It may not be a fun color anymore, but it will help the house to sell more quickly.

When people are viewing a property they want to be able to imagine their own furniture in it and they want to be able to think of their own style when it comes to the décor. If you have made it neutral this will be much easier, and it will save them the hard work of redecorating once they have bought the house. As a bonus, if everything has been done to a high standard, you may even be able to get more money in the deal.


When selling your home, it is essential that you declutter it before allowing viewers inside. In fact, this job should be done even before a realtor comes to value your property, and certainly before any photographs are taken for the brochure and online property portals.

As mentioned above, people will want to be able to imagine their own belongings in that space, and if it is filled with your possessions this will be harder for them to do.

You will need to pack everything up anyway, so why not start early? You can decide what you want to keep, what you want to give to Goodwill, and what you might want to sell at a garage sale or even throw away altogether.

When you have packed as much away as you can (while still showing that the house is a homely, much-loved one – if the house is too empty you can also put people off from buying) you can store it in a garage or special storage unit until the time comes to move home.

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