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How To Move Like A Pro: Quotes, Packing And Checklists

moving tips

Moving out of your home is exciting but also daunting. If you’ve resided at your current property for a while, you’ve probably got a lot of stuff. Moving is stressful, but it can be managed with good planning and a good team of movers. Once you know moving is unavoidable, give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

If you’ve not moved often, you may be shocked at how much it costs, so preparing early will also give you time to save for the event. Plus, there will be ways you can cut down on moving expenses by sorting your stuff before you need to get quotes from moving companies.

At a minimum, you will need a month before the event to make checklists of what you will take and dispose of, what tasks you’ll do, and what you need to do by a moving company. Here’s what to do for a smooth move.

Make Checklists

Nothing is better than making checklists on what to bring with you and what needs to be done before you leave the old house. You can have a written list on paper, but we recommend creating a digital one, where you can easily add more things on the go or check the tasks you’ve completed. You can also use a digital folder to store all your documents, photos of quotes, and receipts.

The list should include:

  • Gathering boxes to start packing things
  • Making minor home repairs
  • Getting rid of perishable items
  • Cleaning your home
  • Preparing your home for sale or leasing (renting)

The list can and will go on, depending on your house size or how many things you own. You can find plenty of models on the internet to get inspired. Or, you can go to each room of your house, make a short tour video or do it old style and write down:

  • The items that will go to your new home by the movers or by your transport
  • What stuff is to be recycled, trashed, donated, or sold

Hot Tip

Be ruthless when it comes to what stuff you will take with you. If you’re moving into a new home, you’ll probably want to decorate it differently from your current property. Plus, if you’ve not used some items for a few months, do you need them? Taking chattels and personal items, you will store in the new property and not use will cost you without any reward. However, recycling and donating items is hugely rewarding. You will feel good that what may be your trash is someone’s treasure!

Donate as much as you can. Giving is more satisfying than receiving. Plus, you don’t have to give it all away – why not sell the stuff? You may raise enough funds to pay for the move! 🙂

Now you’ve had a good cleanout, it’s time to get quotes from moving companies.

Request Quotes

If you decide to hire a moving company to help you, it’s essential to request quotes because finding a company that fits your needs will help you save time and money that you’d otherwise waste. You also have to find someone who can work within your budget because moving costs may vary depending on the following:

  • Distance between your current location and your future home
  • Volume and weight of your items
  • Transport is required for unique items that may need special care
  • Additional work is necessary for disassembling and reassembling
  • Mode of transportation you choose (by air, freight)
  • Other costs, like moving insurance and elevator fees

Comparing quotes

When comparing moving company quotes, there are some things to cover before choosing the best moving company.


Get the actual cost of the move. Look for hidden fees – you want a fixed-price quote or insist on an itemized quote of all charges.


Can the moving company provide the services you need for your move? Is your move straightforward or complex, with many items requiring disassembling, odd-shaped and fragile items? Only you know the answer and how much you will prepare for the move. For example, you may pack your kitchen items into boxes or need movers to pack everything, which will add a lot more time, and some moving companies don’t offer a packing service.

Pack your things

This may be the most challenging step because you’ll be surprised by how many things someone can gather in a specific time. But you must pack your items, so you will not need a packing quote for them.

A tip for when you do the packing is to start with an inventory of what you want to take and what you want to dispose of either through recycling, donating, or selling.


Another challenge is packing your appliances. Small devices like microwaves, water boilers, coffee makers, and smoothie makers need to be put with care in boxes with paper between them to avoid scratches or the risk of breaking. You could leave these items to the moving company to pack, but you can unpack them at the other end – i.e. when they arrive at your new home.

Be sure to know precisely what items you want to pack and unpack and what packing and unpacking (if at all) you want the moving company to manage and quote for.

Company Reviews

Online review sites are not always trustworthy. Many review sites are businesses that earn an income from selling reviews that are not real, so do your research and review different review services, including:

  • Google Reviews
  • Trustpilot
  • Consumer Affairs

People reviewing services can tell you a lot about the company.

Quality and Certification

Uncertified companies tend to have cheaper services. However, trusted businesses may value their assistance with higher prices.

Selling Or Renting Out Your Old Home

Whatever your decision, i.e., whether you sell your home or rent it out, it must be left in an excellent, liveable condition for the next occupants. Get in cleaners to give it a deep clean, and if you’re not handy about the house, i.e., good at DIY home maintenance, engage the services of a handyman to fix anything that’s broken. Remember to look after the outdoors too. Keen, the lawns mowed, and trees pruned and hedges cut.