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How To Choose Materials For A Modern Deck This Summer


Our living space has moved from solely being focused on the indoors to crossing out into the great outdoors where possible. As the Summer months roll on, the perfect deck will make all the difference to your ability to enjoy spending time outside the confines of your home. We’re all having to spend more time at home due to the pandemic, so why not make the most of what you have with your home and surrounding outdoor spaces.

Type of Deck

The challenge facing most homeowners who wish to create an area of decking is what can be done in their space, i.e. what type of deck is achievable? Important questions that need answers include:

  • size and architecture i.e. style
  • structure and materials
  • cost
  • maintenance

Your architect and an engineer (if one is required) will assist you with information on what size your deck can be, and so it’s style and structure plus cover off the budget you’ll need for the project. Remember to get advice on what maintenance your deck will need once you have chosen the materials which most likely will include either lumber or vinyl.

Checking out the range of materials on offer from the Decks & Docks Lumber Company is a good starting point whether you are looking for dock construction, decking, or dock materials.


1. Pressure Treated Wood is a Popular Option

Perhaps the most popular option for those of us hoping to create a stunning exterior space is pressure-treated wood. Decks differ from a patio space with The Spruce explaining a patio is a Spanish word for a courtyard within a building or home. Whether looking for dock construction or decking from Decks & Docks Lumber Company, the use of pressure-treated wood remains at the top of the list of choices.

Among the reasons why this is one of the most popular materials for decks is the low price point. This kind of lumber is also readily available at hardware stores and specialist suppliers so there will be little to no wait when you are ready to create your stunning deck.

2. Aluminum creates a Modern Style

If you are looking to create an outdoor space that uses the modern, industrial-style you need, look no further than aluminum. One of the main reasons for the growing use of aluminum is the fact it provides a durable yet light material that is perfect for creating a long-lasting outdoor area. Comparison tests have shown aluminum can be around four times lighter than pressure-treated wood or composite materials but can last up to three times as long.

Many of those who choose an aluminum area of decking will find themselves looking to extend the use of metals into a pergola that can provide a stunning addition to any garden. Adding a metal frame to any garden area can provide a defined area for seating and continue the theme of a modern, adaptable yard, according to Real Homes. When choosing aluminum decking materials, it is worth remembering this is usually the most expensive option.

3. Composite Materials Offer a Largely Maintenance-Free Option

When looking to construct an area of decking, you should look to the use of composite materials that can offer a mostly maintenance free approach to creating a stunning yard. These materials made from natural wood under high pressure make a strong material that does not warp or rot over time. One of the few problems that can be seen with composite materials is the growth of mold and mildew on areas where water puddles or pools.

Using composite materials is best left to a professional company, such as the dock construction specialists at Decks & Docks Lumber Company.

4. Tropical Hardwoods can help Create a Stunning Oasis

Tropical hardwoods may not be the best choice for creating a dock, but they are an excellent choice for creating a deck. This kind of material, such as Tigerwood and Subaru offer a robust and deep color that provides drama in another outdoor space. The benefits of using any form of tropical hardwood are the strong nature of the materials that can last for a long time when cared for correctly.

However, tropical hardwoods do come with a higher price tag than pressure-treated wood and composite materials and can be difficult to drill through because of their strength. Using tropical hardwoods can be a good option when coupled with some tropical plants or a succulent garden that Ideal Home explains is easy to care for and offers a modern style.

5. Concrete is a Clean and Crisp Choice

When we think of a modern deck, we may think of the various kinds of lumber that can be used as a material for creating a stunning outdoor space. However, an utterly modernist appearance can be created through the use of concrete that is easy to care for and can take different forms.


A modern style for your deck usually sees the creation of clean and crisp lines that create a neat appearance with sharp lines. A drawback to concrete is it warms up in the sun, which is useful in winter but on sweltering days you may not be able to stand on it. A couple of positive points for concrete are its low maintenance and variety of modern colors and textures.

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