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Homes For Heroes Help American Heroes With Purchase Costs

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The number of heroes across America continues to grow. These heroes are great people who have done and continue to do amazing things to protect, save and nurture their fellow citizens. Therefore, they deserve to be recognized and remunerated for their efforts. That’s where Homes for Heroes comes in. The organization has helped heroes to save over $30 million to help them purchase homes and rental properties since their creation following the tragic events of 9/11. After all, individuals who invest considerable time in improving the lives of others and protecting the country’s population deserve to purchase a dream family home to call their own.

Who Are Homes for Heroes

Home for Heroes, Inc strives to provide savings to America’s heroes who provide exceptional services to the nation and the community every single day. The organization works with the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate specialists and local business affiliates who give back by helping firefighters, law enforcement, military personnel, healthcare workers, EMS and teachers save on home purchases and day to day home costs. Homes for Heroes do this to thank the selfless individuals in society and to reward them for all their hard work.

Home for Heroes have been honored with multiple awards for their dedication and generosity in helping heroes. In 2010, Home for Heroes received the MN Business Magazine Award for Social Entrepreneurship and in 2011 the Red Cross awarded their Community Hero Award to the organization.

Gifting heroes

The generous companies and deserving families which Homes for Heroes help benefit significantly from the charity’s efforts. Kim Rogers, a real estate agent for Deville Homes, claims that the process is “fun” and “Never do buyers or sellers get such a big discount like that, or rebate.” Families can save thousands when purchasing a home – money which can go towards renovations or a much-needed vacation. The Alvarez family, who are both music teachers, saved over $3000 on their property in Terra Lago which paid for a grand piano for their newborn child.

The wives of members of the military benefit greatly from the support and assistance received when their husbands are sent away, too. Erika Rivera was left looking after her and her partner’s newborn child while trying to find a home for the three of them to live in when her husband, Luis Rivera, was sent away to complete military training. Erika found the Homes for Heroes’ affiliates to be of great help to her and they relieved her of the stress she’d been experiencing.

Why you should get involved

Many local realtors and businesses become Homes for Heroes affiliates because the cause is close to their hearts. They may have a child, a cousin or neighbor serving in the military or working as a firefighter. For most, though, giving back to others is a feeling and achievement that money can’t buy and playing a part in helping to secure someone’s dream is a opportunity many can’t refuse. Homes for Heroes are always happy to work with new affiliates looking to work in collaboration to provide excellent service, savings and opportunities to the heroes of America.

Homes for Heroes continue to dedicate its time and money into building a supportive network of affiliates across America so that a nation of heroes are thanked for their commitment and dedication.

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