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How often do you hear: There’s never enough hours in the day!

Technology is supposed to be improve our lives, so we have more leisure time, so what’s going on? Even with advanced home appliances; and the IoT (Internet of Things), we’re not that happy at home.

Most of us still find many different elements of running a home, stressful, sometimes even more so than our day jobs.

Happy Home Study

Hoppy, an innovative UK home management system, has done us a favour and delved into our niggles and grievances to deliver some fascinating insights.

Firstly, a staggering 75% of workers feel unsatisfied with their home environment whilst a third of those (36%) are more stressed by running their home than their daily job.

Some of the top concerns are:

  • an untidy home (36%)
  • lack of help with household tasks
  • lack of storage space (30%)
  • house too small
  • affording the bills (22%)

This is all pretty relatable stuff and of course there are a few more grips on the list too.

Hoppy’s survey reported that some of the stress is down to the unequal division of home labour between the genders.

We know gender equality improved over the years, and in the home men are doing more to help out.

More men are going further, taking on the role of homemaker while their partner goes to out to work. Generally there’s just a lot more pressure on men to pull their weight and help out around the house and with the family chores but there’s still quite a big divide of labour.

Men report to do an average of 37.7 hours of housework per month; whilst women clock in at 47

Some men even admitted to staying late at work to avoid doing their share (1 in 3).

Naturally, many of those questioned said that chores are often a cause of arguments and tension in a relationship with about a quarter reporting that they’ve contemplated moving out or even getting a divorce!

To learn more about this interesting study, check out Hoppy’s infographic below.

Hoppy Infographic

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with the Joneses is still a thing and the home is where it can manifest into house envy. It’s easy to let our emotions get the better of us, at least for a short time. If you suffer from it – rename it. Call it competition instead.

Being competitive is a great motivator us, it can spur us on to take all sorts of action. Therefore use that ‘competitive’ energy to work on improving your property. Bring it up to a standard you’re more than satisfied with and it doesn’t need to cost a lot. In this blog we have tips on how to renovate both the interior and exterior without breaking the ban.

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