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From Holiday Home To Home From Hell


Thinking of buying yourself a nice little holiday home by the sea or up in the mountains?

Sure, the idea of a holiday home might sound great – after all, it means you will never have to pay to stay in a hotel again when you travel to your favorite destination and can enjoy all of your beloved home comforts. But that joy and delight can quickly turn quite sour, and you might end up thinking that you own a home from hell.

There are ways you can prevent regretting this major purchase, though. You just need to remember these useful tips.

Think About Accessibility

Most holiday hotspots are in quite rural locations, far away from main roads and other major public transport links. As a result, they can be quite difficult to get to, and you might end up getting sick of the journey back and forth from your holiday home. So, when you are looking for a home, it’s important that you find one that is easily accessible. Speaking to a real estate agent, like The Bartikoski Group can give you an idea of which houses for sale in a particular area will be the best to get to. The agent can also give you an idea of the public transport links, if you aren’t totally familiar with the area.

Buy One With Parking

If you are going to be driving to get to your holiday home, it’s useful to find a property that comes with its own parking. Holiday areas can often get very busy, especially during the high season, and you might find that trying to find a parking spot away from your property can be very tricky. Plus, most carparks or parking spaces on the street will be monitored and you will probably have to pay to park there. So, a holiday home with its own parking will save you a lot of stress and money!

Buy New

The chances are that once you buy your holiday home, you will want it all ready to use. You might not be so keen on the idea of having to carry out any maintenance or DIY work. This can be especially difficult to manage if your permanent home is quite far from your holiday one, as you will have to travel back and forth to complete the work. So, rather than buying a property that needs a lot doing to it, it’s best to buy a new build if possible.

To Rent Or Not To Rent?

There will be periods when you aren’t using your holiday home, and other people in this situation sometimes rent the property out to other holidaymakers. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Sure, it’s a great way to make some money out of the property, but you will also have to clean the home after each booking and ensure that it is always up to scratch for guests.

So, do you still think that buying yourself a holiday home is a good idea? It is definitely something you should think long and hard about!