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Different Ways To Buy Property Without A Mortgage

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If you want to buy a property, a mortgage is probably the first thing you’re going to think about. It’s the most common way for people to buy a home, but it means that you need to qualify for a mortgage in the first place and this can be difficult with low credit or financial issues in your past. A mortgage will also need a substantial down payment, and this is often what prevents people from obtaining such a loan.

It is possible, however, to purchase a property without the need for a mortgage. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Live Simply

If you can pay for an entire property in one go without having to apply for a mortgage and taking out a large loan that lasts for decades this could save you a massive amount of money. Plus your credit score won’t make any difference to whether or not you are able to have the home of your dreams.

Saving up hundreds of thousands of dollars isn’t easy, but it is possible if there are two of you in the household. If you can manage to live on just one person’s income, then the income of the second partner could be put entirely into a savings account. It will take a number of years, but it will be worth it if you can pay up front for a property and then live mortgage free for the rest of your life.


Downsizing can be another great way to buy a property without the need for a mortgage. If your property has enough equity in it, you can sell it and buy a smaller, less expensive one outright. There might even be money left over to put into a savings account or to use to do the house up.

You can find a less expensive house in the same area if you choose to have fewer bedrooms or a smaller yard, for example. Or you can look for a house of a similar size to the one you currently have but in a different, less expensive area.


If you’re not looking to buy a property to live in but rather as an investment and you don’t want to take on an additional mortgage, then real estate crowdfunding sites could be the answer. Getting a mortgage for an investment property requires an even better credit score than what is needed for a property you’re going to live in, and the checks are much more stringent. Crowdfunding means you can put money into part of a property with other investors and take a slice of the profits when it is rented or sold.


Buying a property at an auction can prove to be a great way to find a place to live for very little money. It will take less time to save up for a cheaper property and so you can buy sooner and without the need to borrow anything to do it.

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