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Tips for First Time Tenants

Living on your own for the first time can be tough. Renting from someone else is the norm for most people, and there are plenty of horror stories out there about nightmare landlords. However, there are certain tenant rights that you should be aware of, as well as some responsibilities that you have too. By […]

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Types Of Troublesome Tenants You Don’t Want

When you’re renting out a property, there’s one key to a successful investment above all else. Tenants might not be the only factor at play, but they are the most important. A single reliable tenant can turn a property into a profit, while one particularly bad one can turn it into a money-eating pit. To […]

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Achieving a Higher Ranking in Airbnb Search Results

The key to success in business is getting your product or service seen by the people actively searching for it. This idea holds true for property owners using Airbnb. Like Google, Airbnb uses an algorithm to display property search results. Using the search parameters provided by the user, Airbnb will display the results that they […]

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Holiday Rental Risk Management Tips

Renting your holiday home can be a minefield of mixed emotions. On the one hand you have the opportunity to make money by letting your holiday home whilst it is not in use.  On the other hand, you’re allowing virtual strangers to stay in your home. A recent spate of holiday home burglaries is a […]

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Relocating to Dubai? Here’s What to Expect

Moving to a new city can be stressful. Moving to an unfamiliar city with what seems to be a completely different culture only adds to the complexity and the worry. If you’re relocating to Dubai, here are a few tips on what to expect. We’ll also share advice on how you can minimise the potential […]

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Evolution of the Rental Marketplace

Renting is an established business practice which was around since the introduction of private property.  It got a solid footing after the introduction of public transportation during industrialization and urbanization.  In the recent years, this market is undergoing a substantial transformation. Internet increased the availability of information, while modern listing platforms enhanced the transparency and […]

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Tips to Get More Rent From Tenants In Your Buildings

As a landlord, you want to help your tenants have a nice place to live. However, you also want to be receiving an adequate amount of rent for the quality of your building, units and location. However, in some major cities across the USA, rent is actually dropping. While this is great for renters and […]

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