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Areas That Will Improve Your Home Market Value


Timing the market when you list your home for sale is not usually within your control. Many external factors affect property prices, including the state of the economy. Therefore vendors work on what they can control, and that’s the state or condition of their home. Priming or staging a house for sale is a prerequisite to attract homebuyers.

Millennials make up the lion’s share of home buyers, and they’re particularly discerning with quality. Armed up with excellent credit score for home loan approval, these homebuyers focus on finding the best property their money can buy and lived-in properties always need a freshen up to appeal to this demographic of house hunters.

Most homeowners are aware they need to work hard to impress the prospective buyer, and it starts with decluttering everywhere. The next step is to improve the areas of the property prospective-homebuyers assess carefully.

Investing in sprucing up your property works twofold. It can add value to achieve a higher sale price, and it can attract more prospective buyers. Make sure you do all the work required on your home and then get a valuation to determine the ideal sale price.

Here are five tips for refreshing your property to get the maximum sales price when the time comes to sell it.


The kitchen is where we gravitate to, as it is the heart of the home. The kitchen is the source of food, one of our primary needs; hence, it’s attractive to the home’s inhabitants, visitors and prospective homebuyers. However, the kitchen takes gets a lot of use, so it’s wear and tear is high compared to other rooms like the living areas. Impress your homebuyers with a clean and modern kitchen.

Replace kitchen cabinetry, benches, handles, taps at a minimum and if your renovation budget allows, replace fixed chattels in the area too, e.g. the cooktop, sink and other appliances you’re leaving in the home and including in the sale.


The other area that gets a close inspection by homebuyers is the bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a sale, so focus your attention on this area in much the same way you have with the kitchen. Cleanliness is paramount, and this is achieved immediately with the replacement of surfaces like vanities, mirrors, tiles, with particular attention to other surfaces like the walls and floors.


Squeaky, loose floorboards don’t provide a positive lasting impression, and they may alert the prospective buyer to another issue, the foundations. Remediate all high traffic areas and consider carpeting floors that are too costly to replace with their existing material. Walking on the new carpet is a positive sensation, and it also smells ‘new’, so it impresses homebuyers.


Clean and paint everything! There’s nothing quite like a freshly painted home, inside and out. Painting is also inexpensive, and we recommend using neutral colours which fail to offend and work to attract more buyer interest in your home. Did you know, many homes sell to curious opportunistic home viewers?


Achieve the perfect first impression with the exterior and grounds of your property. A clean, attractive environment with clear pathways and easy navigation around the home draws your homebuyers in and sets the expectation that the interior will be equally as appealing. Outdoor living is on the agenda of most families, and they want to enjoy the exterior when the weather permits so create indoor-outdoor flow with a deck, BBQ area and outdoor seating.

Now the hard work is done your home will value up and fingers crossed you’ve timed the sale well, and the interest your home receives is from buyers approved for a home loan. Interesting in reading more articles? Credit Score Trends and how they’re calculated.