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AirBnB Property Presentation Tips

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Who sees your AirBnB property more than you do? Your cleaner! Are you surprised?

If your AirBnB property is doing well with regular bookings then the person or team that will see it the most will be the cleaners and they won’t be cleaning your property exclusively.

If their business is doing really well, they’ll be in and out of homes all day. So would you listen to what a cleaner has to say about how to present your property to attract more business? We believe you would.

More and more homes are opening up their vacant rooms for paid short-term use. Plus property investors have secured home, condos, apartments, studios you name it, essentially all types of property specifically for the short stays.

Now, not all properties are equal of course. There are many levels of quality and opulence in the residential real estate sector and that includes short stay accommodation so these tips from a New Jersey home cleaning firm are for accomodation clientele in the mid range i.e. the accomodation is neither really expensive nor is it dirt cheap.

As an Airbnb Host, the decor and furnishings and how generally how the property is maintained, should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Target market

First consider the target market – i.e. the clientele you want in your AirBnB accomodation.

The type of property, the number of bedrooms, and entertainment spaces, both indoor and out will dictate whom you can accomodate i.e. families or groups versus a couple if your place is smaller.

There are of course many levels of quality and price so next you need to decide how you want to present it.

Are you looking to attract maximum price per stay and therefore use top of the range soft furnishing and fitting?

If so depending on where your property is located it may have less bookings at the top end so you may prefer to go for run of the mill everyday hard wearing furnishing to attract more business but the price per stay is much lower.

The good news is the decision is in your hands and you’ll be able to price each stay in your property accordingly.


Secure bookings readily even if your target market is at the low end has been made easy with mobile Apps.

Home-sharing platforms have become hugely popular and have been disrupting all traditional accomodation like hotels and motels globally.

During peak seasons depending on where your property is located, you should anticipate back to back bookings and this too may impact on how you decide to furnish your accomodation.

Your cleaners can be your eyes and provide feedback on the state of your property. If the furnishings are looking worn or tired they can pass that information to you.

Less is More

Walls, floors and surfaces. To give the feeling of space and comfort less is definitely more. Have you been to hotels and other accomodation and struggle to find some surface area to put your own stuff?

It’s frustrating so make sure there’s enough furnishing to provide a welcoming environ without making it look cluttered.

Less also makes smaller places look larger. Also think about how hard it will be to maintain. Once again get input from your regular cleaner who has knowledge of what works well.

Provide Cleaning Kit

A broom, cloths, dishwasher product, may seem a bit cheeky but most guests will want to clean up after use. Your property will more than have a kitchen so stock it with cleaning product.

Short stays can be for weeks on end so the more tools and product you provide the less hard clean is required at the end of each stay.

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