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AC Installation: Time To Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

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For comfortable living and working, a reliable Air Conditioner (HVAC) makes all the difference when the weather is at the extremes. There are a few months every year when you’ll reach for the AC remote every day. Therefore it’s times like these that need a heating or cooling system that is proficient yet uses low energy.

One way to get the best performance from your AC is to clean the filters every month. While this action alone will extend the life of your unit, there comes a time when replacement is a cheaper option than maintenance and repair.

Whether people decide to upgrade the model or it’s starting to wear out from all the use, a new installation is probably on the cards.

How To Know When To Replace Your AC

Before finding a contractor to install the new unit, however, there are a few things a homeowner must consider. That being said, here are some of the indicators that it’s high time to replace your old air conditioner.

The Air Feels Warmer Than Usual

One of the first signs that the air conditioning unit may need replacement is that there’s not sufficient cold air coming from the unit. There could be several reasons for this, and people shouldn’t rush out to find a new AC; instead, seek the help of an expert to assess the current unit.

Reputable AC system installers will be the best people to approach for good advice about the air conditioning system. If they feel the unit may need replacing, rest assured that their years of industry knowledge helped them come to this conclusion. Also, if there are any issues they can fix, they can give the homeowner a quote for the necessary repairs. From there, the technician and the homeowner can make arrangements for the work that needs to be done.

There Is Minimal Airflow From The Unit

The AC unit should immediately start making a difference to the air quality of the home, especially the temperature. But, when this doesn’t happen, it may cause concern. You might notice that, over time, your unit isn’t producing the same output as a new unit.

Also, it might cool a smaller area, but this may be short-lived as the unit would need to work very hard to produce those results. Eventually, the unit may give out entirely anyway, so, you may want to replace the current one to regain the benefits of efficient airflow.

Continuous Leaking Of Gas Or Fluids

Homeowners noticing their AC systems losing gas or fluids will contact a maintenance specialist to help them sort out the problem. There comes a time, however, when there are still leakages after numerous repair attempts, which would indicate that the unit needs replacement.

When the same unit continuously needs repair work for the same issue, this is already a significant problem that needs to be taken seriously. There may be no better plan than replacing the unit before the leakages cause health hazards or safety concerns.

The Unit Becomes Noisy

Older homes may have older AC systems, and this could already be a reason for replacement. If the unit has been of service for quite some time, it may start to make funny, grinding, squeaking, or other annoying noises. Sometimes, parts inside the system only need lubrication or repair. But, most likely, the unit would need replacement.

There Is A Problem With The Thermostat

Although some systems have an easily accessible thermostat, others may have a sealed or enclosed one, making it challenging to replace. For this reason, such AC systems may need the replacement of the entire unit instead of only the thermostat.


It Is A Fairly Old Unit

Like any other technological device, air conditioners have their specific lifespans. Usually, these systems last around ten years before they need replacement. After such a period, the unit could still be in good shape if the owners look after it well and regularly clean and maintain it. But, they should still look for signs of wear and tear that might not be solved by simply repairing certain parts.

A more modern version could be more energy-efficient, have better airflow options, and have an extended warranty, which could all benefit the family in the long run. Replacing the unit may be costly initially, but the family’s savings after the installation should compensate for it.

The System Often Needs Repairs

fixing air conditioner

Homeowners that need to call a repair specialist to their home often due to AC system problems should consider talking to them for a possible replacement. With all the repair bills mounting up, you’ll be better off setting aside the money for a new one.

Some repairs could amount to a sizable figure, which could be something the family may have failed to squeeze into their budget for that month. So, instead, you should opt for a new unit that you know won’t cause any trouble and won’t incur unnecessary costs anytime soon.

Odd Smells And Mold

The main goals of an AC unit should be to complement the home aesthetics and make it more breathable. But, when odd smells start coming out of it, this can quickly become a disaster when not assessed and resolved immediately. Burning smells could be from moving parts that aren’t adequately lubricated or might also indicate problems with the electrical wiring. In contrast, mold will form when water or liquid has been standing inside the unit for some time. Both of these instances should warrant a replacement.

To Conclude

Air conditioning systems have become commonplace in people’s homes and lives, so they’re usually just taken for granted when something goes wrong. Fortunately, experienced maintenance and installation experts can address the problems quickly.

You need to know what signs to look out for that’ll indicate that it is time for a new unit, and, along this line, you also need to find a reputable company to help you with replacement. After all, no one wants to experience the same struggles all over again; so, instead, have the system professionally installed so it’ll provide the family with the quality cool air you all deserve.

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