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A Guide to Finding the Right Rental Arrangement for You

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Looking for a good rental can be pretty demanding; this often leads people to neglect certain aspects of the arrangement, meaning they end up running into a bunch of issues a little further down the line. Here’s a quick guide to all the things you need to consider to make your rental living a little easier!

Finding the right place and price

The first step to ensuring comfortable rental living is to find the right place! Make sure you know precisely what you need from a place and what you budget is; this ensures that you’ll be looking at the right range of apartments in the first place. You should also consider rent and security deposit negotiation, something many people assume is off the table. Many landlords are willing to negotiate, as long as you aren’t competing with a bunch of different prospective tenants.

Develop a good relationship with your landlord

When you’re having a look for a rental, don’t simply consider the place itself – pay close consideration to the landlord, too. This isn’t someone you want issues with in the future! Most people see landlords as someone they’ll only have to deal with (rarely) for a year or two – but they may end up being your landlord for much longer than that! You should develop a healthy relationship with them, because a bad tenant-landlord relationship is very bad for the tenant!

Improve things

One of the main downsides of rental dwelling is that you can’t improve on a lot of the things you want to. You may want to redo the whole kitchen, but you can’t actually do this without the landlord’s permission! However, you can make a bunch of transient improvements, such as bringing in your own tech or furniture, as long as the items that came with the property are stored somewhere else safely. Of course, you should attempt speaking to your landlord; they may be okay with you making larger improvements, and may even be willing to pay for it if they think it will help them in the long-run. Be careful not to invest too much in something you might only rent for a couple of years, however.

Deal with roommate stress

If you’re residing with roommates, you potentially have a wide range of issues to deal with. For instance, you have to work out how to divide up all your bills, share a close-quarters residing area, and split up household chores. Hopefully, you’re moving in with someone you’re already friends with! If you’re leaving things to chance when it comes to roommates, then you’re more at risk of uncomfortable scenarios. Of course, it may be your only option if you already know that your friends aren’t very reliable!

The noisy neighbor problem

With apartment blocks your neighbors are separated through what at all times seems to be paper-thin walls. If your neighbor is inclined to listen to loud music, or do frequent DIY, or play Dance Dance Revolution after midnight, then this presents a problem. So it’s essential you develop a good relationship with your neighbors, which will make it easier to have a dialog with them if there are problems. If things get nasty, however, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the authorities involved.