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7 Stunning Modern Home Updates For Today’s Homeowner


Styles come and go, and which means at some point you might find yourself wanting to update an outmoded part of your home. But can you really bring some modern flair to older spaces?

Whether you bought an older home to renovate, or you’re looking around the place you’ve called home for a while and need an update, keep reading for seven modern home updates you can do!

1. Replace Old Light Fixtures

You know the ones I’m talking about – those generic, factory installed dome lights that every house had once upon a time.

If you’ve never replaced the light fixtures in your house, consider upgrading to more modern ones. You’ll be surprised how much this simple detail can add to a room, especially your kitchen and bedrooms. Figure out the modern style you’re looking to achieve and find the light fixtures that enhance it.

  • Wanting a sleek kitchen? Look at these best kitchen ideas and try track lighting.
  • Looking for a modern rustic appeal? Look for one that mixes glass and wood elements.
  • Going for an industrial modern design? Try a pipe and bare bulb fixture or lamp.

Whether it’s the focal point of the room or just a detail, a light fixture can either set the tone of the room or be that one element that remains out of place no matter what you do.

2. Declutter

Modern homes are all about simplicity and clean lines. It’s hard to achieve that look if your walls are overcrowded with photos and art and there are boxes of random debris hanging out in corners.

Pull a Marie Kondo on your house and declutter!

  • Get rid of old accessories and furnishings that don’t mesh with the look you’re going after.
  • Remove everything from your walls and start fresh with a new eye.
  • Remember, you’re going for a modern, simple, natural look, so look at everything with a critical eye and only keep what goes with the design or brings you too much joy to part with.

3. Change Your Window Hangings

Outdated window hangings make a room feel old, even if everything in it is new. Give the eyes of your home a makeover with fresh curtains and drapery.

  • Consider more modern feeling window hangings, like wood blinds paired with simple grommet top panels.
  • Hanging curtains on curtain rod clips instead of sliding them straight on to the curtain rod adds a touch modern flair.
  • Avoid dated patterns and swoopy swaths of material – look for clean lines and minimalistic designs that allow plenty of light in.

4. Exchange Furniture, Art and Accessories

Once you’ve gotten rid of your old nicknacks and the furniture your mom gave you, you can start replacing it with new pieces that go with the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Just like your curtains and light fixtures, look for clean and simple lines and natural fibers and textures.

  • Neutral base pieces, like large furniture items, meaning you can change out accessories at will without redesigning the entire space again.
  • Pops of color and layering materials like wood, metal, and stone with textile pieces add depth without clutter.
  • Reframe photos you want to keep with more modern frames.
  • Save money by giving new life to old pieces, putting a new shade on an old lamp or redoing an old furniture piece with chalk paint, for instance.

5. Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint is one of the most inexpensive and easiest updates you can do, and we aren’t just talking about the walls. There’s a whole wide world of DIY and new paint options that allow you to renovate multiple parts of your house with a fresh coat of paint!

  • Remove old wallpaper and paint walls instead.
  • Paint old furniture or wood built-ins to create a fresh look.
  • Keep walls more neutral to allow you to change your accessories with the seasons.
  • Use painter’s tape to create fun geometric patterns for an accent wall.

6. Update Your Color Scheme

Most modern homes feature neutral color schemes. But we aren’t just talking boring black and white here. You can create a timeless look that pairs neutrals with color for a warmer approach.

Consider a few of these popular palettes to update your look.

  • Pair white and black with warmer brown and wood tones. Add pops of green in the form of greenery for a fresh and clean feel.
  • Create a modern, beachy vibe with pale blues, greens, and sandy browns.
  • A minimalistic, cooler look can be created with white, black and gray. Introduce pops of bold color here and there in your decor to brighten and highlight.

7. Change Your Hardware

Don’t overlook those little touches that add so much to a design. There are so many small and inexpensive touches that create the finishing touch of any design.

  • The faceplates on light switches and electrical sockets tend to be overlooked. But if you still have the cream-colored plates from the 80s, update them for one of the many options you now have to dress them up. They’re in every single room of your home and offer an easy way to tie rooms together.
  • Cabinet and drawer pulls are places you can add a little bit of quirk to a design. Keep them simple or have some fun with novelty pulls that become functional art. With a little ingenuity, you could even make this a DIY project.
  • Doorknobs and locks shouldn’t be overlooked either – update your old door hardware with stylish new options.

Creating Your Modern Home

With minimal effort, you can take your old traditional home to a new modern home feel.

Make sure you start with a solid plan for the overall feel you’re going for, as well as the colors and materials you prefer. From there, declutter the old, update the existing and finally, add new pieces to complete your look. And remember, small details will either finish and solidify a design or be the one piece that keeps your home stuck in the past.

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