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7 House Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

In America, homeowners spend an average of just over $3,000 a year on maintenance and repair costs.

Combining this figure with property taxes, insurance, and general bills, you could find yourself spending an average of $9,390 each year.

If this number feels out of reach for your budget, you’ll need to find ways to cut maintenance costs without creating more hassle in the long run. Fortunately, by introducing a few house maintenance tips, you can see yourself saving money and valuable time.

Ready to take charge of your home maintenance and cut your annual homeownership costs? Follow along to discover seven simple house maintenance tips you can start today.

1. Repair Your Roof

This is one of the most significant cost items that homeowners put off as long as possible. The problem with this is that leaving minor issues on your roof will inevitably lead to more significant problems down the road.

The roof over your head protects you from the elements, but it has to be kept in good condition to do this. Waiting until the bucket system for leaks becomes too difficult to keep up with can land you an incredibly high bill for water damage and mold removal. Plus, leaks can happen from broken pipes and boilers, so to avoid water damage to your property see this website for solutions, including annual inspections and servicing.

On top of this, living in a moldy and water-damaged environment isn’t optimal for your health and could see you paying more visits to the doctor’s office, costing more time and money.

2. Clear Your Gutters

Like keeping up with roof maintenance, your gutters are essential in keeping your foundation healthy and well. Leaving your gutters clogged up with leaves and debris could see damaging blockages forming. These blocks allow water to pool and eat away at the strength of your foundational walls.

As you can imagine, the cost of repairing this damage is no drop in the bucket. Fortunately, cleaning your gutters only requires a small time commitment a few times per year.

You can save even more on your maintenance by performing this task by yourself. Just be sure you have a sufficient spotter and grip on your workboots before climbing onto the ladder.

3. Keep It Clean

No one enjoys living in a dirty house, but did you know that keeping your home clean can actually save you time and money on maintenance?

Doing a deep clean on a semi-regular basis will allow you to spot problems before they get out of hand. On top of this, a clean surface will make things like unknown leaks more apparent and easier to catch.


You’ll love the clean feel of your home for personal comfort, and the well looked after home will be less likely to grow mold, house unwelcome rodents, and unsightly stains on surfaces.

4. Doors and Handles

A wobbly doorknob or stiff door might seem like a minor issue, but letting these elements slide could be a recipe for a high maintenance bill.

If you have trouble with any of your doors or handles, get them repaired as soon as possible. Waiting until they worsen could see you locked outside, stuck in your bathroom, or even out of reach from a child.

The cost of replacing a doorknob is much less invasive than the after-hours emergency locksmith. Save yourself the headache and unnecessary expense by checking all doors and locks.

5. Call the Professionals

While doing maintenance jobs yourself is a great way to save money, some tasks shouldn’t be done without proper training. Tackling jobs like electrical, plumbing, and carpentry without sufficient knowledge and skills will probably land you further back than where you started.

Not only will you waste time trying to tackle these unknown elements, but you could also end up causing more damage. Instead of breaking out your how-to videos and taking a chance, hire the professionals who can get it done right the first time.

Do a local search online to find a qualified electrician. If you’re looking for a plumber in your area, use the search term: find a plumber near me, so you get quick resolution with the best possible maintenance experience and long term results.

6. Appliance Maintenance

Take your house maintenance tips all the way to your appliances. It’s common for homeowners to overlook their appliances when caring for and maintain their homes simply because they don’t see the relationship between their fridge and washing machine to their home value.

The fact is, even if you don’t plan on selling your appliances with your home, the way they function could still be impacting your house and bills. For example, a refrigerator door that doesn’t quite seal could run up your power bills and cause potential water damage due to leaking.

Even cleaning out your dryer vent is a simple task that could see you saving money on electricity and preventing emergency repairs. Just a two or three-minute task could be the difference between rebuilding after a fire and maintaining a beautiful laundry space.

7. Never Leave a Leak

As you’ve already read, water damage can be a massive cost for homeowners. So how can you avoid ending up with the damage in the first place? Keep on top of any leaks or undiagnosed water spots.

The leaking kitchen faucet may seem more like an esthetic issue than a maintenance problem, but that irritating drop could wind up costing you more than you think on your water bills. Beyond this, a dribble from your tap could be an indicator of pooling beneath your sink.


The same principle applies to the toilet that never stops running, the washing machine that leaves a puddle, and that propane bottle that always seems to run out.

Please take note of any leaks and address them before they become a larger problem. This will reflect positively on your utility bills, your long-term maintenance costs, and of course, your time and energy.

Practice House Maintenance Tips

Now that you know seven simple and easy ways to save time and money, you can use the house maintenance tips to improve your home value and save on emergency costs. From keeping it tidy and clean to emptying the lint trap, you’ll reap the benefits of a well-maintained home for years to come.

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