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5 ways to encourage your visitors to return to your B&B


When running an establishment as modest as a B&B, you could soon find repeat business to be that B&B’s financial lifeblood. So, it is in your interest to show visitors why they should keep coming back – and here are a few examples of ways in which you can do that. Don’t be daunted by competition from hotels, as these tips could help your B&B punch above its weight.

Tailor your marketing to a specific demographic

Right now, you might think that marketing is primarily about attracting new customers rather than enticing back old ones. However, Start a Bed & Breakfast defines marketing as “about deciding what you are going to sell, how it is going to be presented and then how you are going to sell it.”

If you market to people especially likely to use your B&B, like families because your B&B is near a safe and pleasant beach, you can incentivise them to make not just visits, but also repeat ones.

Don’t let technology get in the way of people

For people who arrive at your B&B, it can feel soulless to be greeted by someone sitting at a computer. Sometimes, it seems that technology can divide us more often than connect us.

However, you could try stripping away unnecessary administrative procedures to streamline the check-in service, as advised in an article on the Nestlé Professional website. This approach can free up time for you to spend personally welcoming guests and assisting them with queries.

Cultivate a “home from home” feel

Pick up the habit of getting to know guests by their name, not room number – especially if they visit regularly. In doing this, you can help yourself create the kind of cosy atmosphere that these guests would usually expect in their own homes.

Don’t neglect to take account of guests’ specific requests, such as for particular types of food or a morning newspaper. Demonstrate that you have closely considered guests ahead of their arrival.

Provide a good experience to foster positive word of mouth

However much hype and excitement you might generate through marketing, you can’t realistically expect those good vibes to particularly last if you don’t provide sufficiently good service at the B&B.

Some of the things that you should do to ensure this service might go without saying. For example, you should thoroughly clean rooms between guests and keep those breakfasts tasty. Also, when guests check out, ask them to write a review of the B&B.

Continually seek new ways to improve

Of course, reviews – and remember to ask for honest ones – left by your guests can enhance your understanding of where you are going right or wrong with your B&B. However, you could also research to see if you can find other ideas that your guests hadn’t even realised they wanted.

For example, if you wish to give guests the kind of booking experience that they would expect from a big name hotel, you’ll need a hotel booking system like that offered by eviivo.

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