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5 Things You need to know about Garage door Repair costs

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Garages are underrated. They are. What Moe Szyslak from “The Simpsons” once called a “car hole” is essential to protecting your vehicle(s) from crime and the elements.

Plus who doesn’t use their garage to store other stuff like garden equipment and tools if your property is lacking a shed!

Your garage is so essential that if your garage door needs to be fixed, then no amount of money’s too much when you consider how much to repair the garage door. Nevertheless, repairs don’t always need to be expensive, especially when you do them. For five things you need to know about garage door repair costs, keep reading.

1. How Much to Repair Garage Door

Thankfully, it doesn’t always cost a lot to repair a garage door. If you’re lucky enough to be in an area that can offer a complete and total replacement for as little $45, you’re laughing all the way to the bank. However, let’s not get too carried away with that small fee as the average cost to replace a garage door is up to $1000

The price of the repair will depend on the door’s style, material, and size. A custom door will be pricier than a stock door.

Let’s look at materials. A different material might be better suited for the replacement door than the original door.

Aluminum doors are normally the cheapest. They’re also low-maintenance and lightweight. If you live in a cold area, consider aluminum doors.

2. Cost Varies by Material

Solid wood doors can be expensive. With wood doors, you pay for their looks and if you customize them, the ability to match them with your home’s trim and style. Avoid wood doors if it rains or snows a lot where you live.

A cheaper alternative to wood doors is wood composite. These doors are made of recycled materials. You can paint it to go along with your house’s coloring.

3. Garage Door Openers Affect Price

Another factor influencing the price point is the kind of garage door opener you get.

Chain-drive garage door openers are cheap but loud. Screw drive openers are loud as well but can be cheaper in the long term because you won’t have to pay to maintain them as much as you would with chain drive openers.

Belt drive openers can be pricier, but you get what you pay for because these bad boys are quiet. If you have an attached garage, give a belt drive a try.


4. Size and Insulation

The size and insulation of the door affect the price too.

smaller doors cost less, so one door (without paying for installation) will run you about $200. A fancy, custom door can cost a few grand. Typical door sizes are 8 x 7 for a single-car garage and 16 x 7 for a double-car garage.

Now let’s talk insulation. The more insulation a door has, the more you’ll pay for it.

5. Save Money Where Possible

To save money throughout the garage door repair process, make sure to get a warranty on the replacement door itself and the labor. The manufacturer should provide the former, and the garage door company should provide the latter.

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Secure Your Car Hole

Whatever garage door company you choose, make sure they are security-minded. You don’t want to attract opportunistic thieves who see your garage as an easy target.

The right company will provide you with the right door in all the right ways so that your door repair or replacement door will be perfect for your home and you. Of course, many garage door providers have models that have a mobile app. If you love your Apps, then this will appeal to you.

The app will not only open your door but also alert you when it is open, so if there is a break-in, you’ll know about first. For more useful home advice, including garage conversions or other renovation tips search our site.

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