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5 Reasons Why You Should Move to the Coast

by a condo by the sea

Moving to the coast doesn’t always have to be a dream—it can become your reality.

Many individuals think the idea of moving to their favorite vacation destination is a fantasy because for some reason they don’t think it is practical to move to the coast. But in fact, there are many beneficial reasons why anyone should leave their current home and job to move closer to the coast.

Remember that feeling of restoration, relaxation, and rejuvenation after your last vacation to the ocean? You will be surprised how that feeling can improve everything about your life.

Here are five reasons why you should move to the coast:

1. Improves Your Overall Quality of Life

People take trips to the ocean for a reason, not only to soak up the sun but because of the relaxing atmosphere.

It has been proven that living closer to the ocean and spending more time in the sun can improve many aspects of your life. Living on the coast can improve your mood, productivity, health, and more. It is like its own dose of medicine!

Many individuals who live near the ocean or on the beach experience a large increase in their overall happiness. If you are in need of a change in your life then moving to the coast is probably in your best interest. In fact, if you just experienced a tragic incident in your life, it will be beneficial for you to move closer to the coast.

2. Helps Your Mental Health

Everything from your physical health to your mental health, living closer to the coast will help it all.

Living close to the ocean has been proven to help many areas of your mental health such as stress relief and better sleep, thus increasing your lifespan! The sea air has been said to be great for sleep because it is cleaner and fresher air with a higher level of oxygen. These aspects are important for a good hard sleep, which is very necessary for good mental health.

In addition, the ocean helps relieve your stress due to the vastness and beauty of the ocean before you; it helps put things into focus, making small worries seem no longer important. Living closer to the coast also means more sunshine, which is extremely important for your health and for combatting depression due to the Vitamin D we get from it.

3. Increases Desire to Exercise

Living on the coast can even promote weight loss for a variety of reasons. The ocean is like having your own massive swimming pool, and swimming is one of the best forms of exercise! It’s low impact, it gives you a great cardio workout, and also exercises every muscle group in your body at one time.

Furthermore, you will be inspired to spend more time outside enjoying the beautiful views and taking in the fresh air. You will be far more likely to go for long walks, which are great for exercise, and since the sand offers more resistance than pavement, you will get more physical exercise from walking the sand than going for walks elsewhere.


Additionally, there are many outdoor activities on the coast that are hard to refuse such as running on the beach, biking at sunset, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and more.

Since regular exercise decreases your chances of heart disease and a host of other health issues, it is easy to see how living near the coast helps increase your lifespan. Living somewhere that motivates your fitness levels is always a better place to live.

4. Better Investment

Why is living by the coast a better investment?

That’s easy – you get a better ROI if you purchase a condo or house on the coast. The real estate market for coastal homes are always higher, so you never have to worry about losing the value of your home. In fact, the value is always increasing because living by the water is becoming more and more desirable.

You can take advantage of this in numerous ways. You can consider buying and reselling your property. Or, you can rent it out when you’re away. There are many coastal areas where this concept can make you a great deal of income, such as on the increasingly popular destination, Hua Hin.

In fact, something to consider when buying a condo in Hua Hin is that you can easily rent out your home to vacationers and make substantial money off it. You are guaranteed to always make an excellent investment—one you can’t refuse. This is especially perfect if you perhaps cannot afford to permanently relocate to the coast – you can purchase a home on the coast and afford to keep it by renting it out when you’re away, and then just reserve the weeks/months that you want to spend there for yourself.

5. The Lifestyle

The coastal lifestyle is like no other. Everyone is always happy and relaxed. If you spend any significant period of time there, you will get to know many others seeking the same things you are, and the local food is always a plus.

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