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5 Reasons To Test Your Air Quality

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You breathe in air every day, it’s essential to your survival. You probably wrinkle your nose when you get a hint of an unpleasant smell; particularly in your home, but do you ever actually consider the air quality? In the western world, and in particular the southern hemisphere where there’s less population and overcrowding and our homes are newer, air quality is not the first thing we think about but maybe it should be!

Air quality is not the same everywhere. Once you start realizing the differences in the air quality and how they can affect you and your loved ones; you’ll appreciate the importance of sourcing your own air conditioning supplies; at least for the area you can control, namely your home. Now consider the following information and then decide if testing your air quality is required:

1. Carbon Monoxide

This odorless gas is deadly. In fact between 200 and 2015 in excess of 2,000 people died from this dangerous gas. In some places there have been double the number of deaths experienced in previous years.

Carbon monoxide starves your organs of oxygen causing them to shut down. You’ll experience dizziness, headaches and nausea before your body shuts down completely.

2. Allergies

You already know about the issues regarding dust mites and how they can bring on allergies; especially in young children.

The cause is poor quality air; pollutants in the atmosphere, dust mites and mold all create spores which irritate a sufferer’s throat.

In extreme cases it can cause respiratory distress and even death.

Filter your air and you can remove these pollutants keeping your family safe.

3. Sick Building Syndrome

If you already have an air conditioning and filtrating system this does not mean you have good quality air. It must be well maintained. If it isn’t then the dirt and debris in the system can create spores and mold which will affect your health.

Symptoms of this include nausea, dry cough, tiredness, lack of focus, headaches and the symptoms of flu.

4. Radon Gas

You may have heard of radon; it is a natural gas found in soil across the globe. In fact it is actually the gas emitted by decaying uranium!

In low levels it presents no real threat. However, studies have shown that it is responsible for lung cancer; in fact it is the second biggest cause of lung cancer. Only smoking bets it.


It will flow through any vent into your home and sits at the lowest point in your home. While generally these levels are not going to be an issue for your health it is worth having your air quality tested regularly to make sure.

You will then be able to take steps to eliminate the problem.

5. Energy Costs

An air conditioning unit that filters the air in your home can actually improve air quality while reducing your energy costs!

Using the system will necessitate the closing off your doors and windows; helping to keep an even temperature in your room. A good system will also monitor the outside air temperature and adjust it as it brings it into your house.

In many cases there is no need for any other heating system as your unit can take care of all your needs; allowing you to spend less on running it and more on doing the things you enjoy.

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