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5 Qualities Your Next Property Managers in Perth Should Have


Real estate in Western Australia has historically been quite an exciting market, with Perth’s property prices, in particular, rivalling those of other more densely populated cities in the country. There are also many unique aspects to the market in WA and Perth that don’t necessarily apply to the rest of Australia.

This means that if you own a piece of commercial or residential property in Perth or another part of WA and don’t have the time to monitor it closely, choosing experienced property managers can help you get the most of what is often the most high-value and most complex asset you own.

Here are some ways you can be sure you choose the right property managers for properties in Perth and the rest of WA.

1. Has superior local market knowledge

The more unique the market, the more important it is to find property managers who truly understand its intricacies. Better market knowledge will help property owners get better rates and create more relevant rental provisions.

2. Consistently sends regular reports

It’s not unusual to find less professional property managers who give out financial reports too late to be of any use to you. In more casual situations, you may find that they don’t bother to create a report at all. This is unacceptable for any serious property owner. You’d do much better to find professional property managers who you could rely on for honest and timely reporting.

3. Has a positive reputation within Perth and WA

You must be assured that you’re dealing with the right people. While Western Australia is a large state, you might be surprised how small the real estate professional community is. By checking out online reviews or talking to different property owners in Perth and other parts of WA, you will get a good picture of which property managers you should be dealing it.

4. Demonstrates professionalism

While you will be the one calling the shots, managers will be handling critical parts of what may be your most important and most expensive investment. You want to make sure that whoever you’re dealing with, they should show impeccable professionalism where it counts.

Turnovers, reports, and the delineation of owners, managers, and tenants responsibilities are just a few of the are areas where you should expect your management team to demonstrate professionalism. This professionalism, in turn, shows they understand how important your property is to you. After all, if they fail to be professional in these and other areas, why should you entrust a valuable piece of property under their care?

5. Delivers responsive customer service

Any property management team you decide to hire should be able to deliver prompt responses to any emails or phone calls. While it might be normal to be able to wait a couple of days or a week for a response elsewhere, slow response times are unacceptable in the context of the Perth real estate market.

Perth’s real estate market is quite dynamic compared to others in Australia. This means that many property owners could not afford to wait too long to have their questions and concerns addressed, as market conditions can easily change, sometimes making it necessary for owners to request immediate action on a piece of property.


The various challenges of owning and maintaining commercial properties in Perth and the rest of WA makes it important to choose a property management team that understands the market and goes the extra mile in ensuring they deliver a positive experience for property owners and tenants alike.

If you’re interested in finding property managers in Perth that you could trust, check out Time Conti Sheffield. The business has served property owners in the area with bespoke real estate management services since 1952, making them a trusted choice for property owners in Perth and the rest of WA.