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5 Professions That Could Help You Build Your Dream Home

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If you’ve been thinking of building your own house for a while, you’re probably aware how much of a daunting task it could be. While it’s not a decision that you should take lightly, it’s one that could give you the house you’ve always wanted, at a lower cost than if you bought it. However it’s not stress-free – you’ll need to manage a number of different professions to get the job done well, or pay someone to manage them.

Knowing what professions you might need is a good early step when looking at the feasibility of your project. If you’ve got friends or family in some of these roles, you might be able to get a cheaper rate and the job might seem much less stressful. Even better, if you cover one of these professions yourself, you could be onto a winner. So let’s have a look at 5 professions that could help you build your dream home.

1. Carpenter

Carpentry is one of the most important professions when building your own home. While you’re probably aware how important they are for wooden homes, they’re actually super necessary for brick ones, too. Most of the support beams, roof installations, doors and other important parts of your house will still need to be made from wood, so a good carpenter is crucial.

2. Electrician

This one’s quite straightforward. While you might not need an electrician much in the structural construction of your house, they’re going to be needed a lot near completion at the end. Remember to get things wired up early so you don’t have to go back in and drill holes. Think about future-proofing your home by installing lots of extra wiring capacity early – before the walls and floors are put in – even if you’re not sure when you’re going to use them. That’s a much easier way than trying to lay extra wiring later.

3. Plumber

Again, you’re going to need a plumber for all your piping, heating and water. So if you’re a plumber yourself, you could save time and money getting the job done.

4. Welder

Depending on the design of your home, you might actually need a welder to help with certain aspects. Welders can have different specializations, and these become more popular in modern home-building as people include more metal or other materials in their house design. Skills like stainless steel welding could come in great use for your new house.

5. Bricklayer or general laborer

You’ll obviously only need a bricklayer if you’re having a brick construction, but a general laborer will be needed on site for almost any build. The best thing about these professions is that they’re slightly lower paid than more skilled jobs, so if you can get a general laborer in for more of the heavy work and less of the skilled stuff, you could save money.

Hopefully these five skills give you a good idea of what you’ll need to build your own home. There are a few other professions, like an architect and a joiner that could also be needed.

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