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4 Ideal Benefits of Sharing a House in London

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Living costs in London like many standout cities around the world are at the high end, so it is not uncommon for young professionals to house-share aka flatting; in order to make their wages go further.  It’s a very different scenario to living at home of course.

There’s the personal accountability to pay rent and bills without relying on your parents, but also the freedom to live your own life so all up, it’s seen as the perfect solution. While it’s mostly young professionals who go flatting or house-share, older people also do it for many reasons. They may still be saving to buy their own house, or if that’s not in their plans, they may be doing it just for the company, i.e. socialising.

Here is a list of more benefits and things to look out for when looking for a room to rent in London.

Living Costs Shared and So Is The Cleaning

Cheaper living costs when the bills are split by the number of people sharing the house. This is, of course, the motivation behind house-sharing, particularly in globally recognised cities like London. 

Cost of utilities, including electricity, gas, data and voice (broadband plan) and TV subscriptions etc., are share. In many flatting arrangements, food is also paid for, and the resultant cooking duties shared among the property occupiers. So it’s not hard to understand the attraction when your outgoings can be reduced by a third or more.

Nobody likes cleaning, so it’s great to be able to share it.  Household tasks can be managed with a ‘chore chart’ to make the tasks sharing fair.  There will be the odd trade-off – swapping of chores for bartering, e.g. cook night may be swapped for a couple of rounds on a night out. Putting some ground rules in place keeps it all orderly and above board.

Make Friends, Some for Life

The good thing about living with other people, especially when they’re of a similar age and have similar interests, is there’s always the opportunity to socialise and form lasting friendships.  Loneliness is a growing concern worldwide, so sharing with like-minded people can take care of any bouts of loneliness. If you want to watch Netflix or get a takeaway – then you will have the perfect partner or so to do this with.  It also means that you have someone to come home to and forget your day at the office.  The age of people flatting has extended beyond the first few years after study and in the workforce.

Save For A Home Deposit

The cost of buying a property is out of reach for many people until they’re in their thirties or older, depending on where they want to live. Therefore living in a nice rental property with people sharing the same experiences can also provide the discipline needed to save for a home deposit.

There are Lots of Properties Available

The big cities like London usually have lots of choice of property, and it’s easy to find using online apps like London Shared for rooms to rent. So give yourself plenty of time to research, starting with your desired location. Good luck!

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