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3 Advantages of Hiring a Handyman for Home Repairs

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Owning a home comes with the responsibility to keep it in safe working order. Not only is safety a concern as a homeowner, but you’ll also want to sell your property and get a market sales price.

With regular maintenance, you can put off significant and costly repairs. Plus, when you look after your property, you can also prolong the life of materials, systems and appliances.

For example, did you know your property has wood cladding it will need to be painted every 5 – 15 years? And a lot more regularly if it is stained or oiled. Plus, if your property is multilevel, you’ll need scaffolding.

All property repairs need to adhere to the health and safety standards of your region. Painting may seem like a job you could do, but there’s a lot to it, from the initial preparation of the wood through to the final coat.

Most homeowners have a story or two to tell about a botched DIY project on how much more they paid to fix it. However, if you’re still unsure about the value of using a contractor or handyman, read on for our list of three reasons to use third parties to get the job done right the first time!

Why Do It Yourself?

Aside from the skills, knowledge, and experience tradespeople and contractors bring to every job, the number one reason to outsource your maintenance and repairs is it’s someone else’s responsibility to do the work and get it right. Otherwise, they’re not paid.

Plus, if a handyperson or tradesperson does a shoddy job, it’s their reputation that’s on the line, and a poor one will hinder their ability to secure more work.  Do a property inspection and then call in the experts.

Here’s our list of no-brainer reasons to use third parties to look after maintenance and repairs around the home.

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1) Experience

A handyman has more than enough experience to fix any form of damage in your home. It doesn’t even matter if they have to contend with leaking pipes, electrical wirings, or peeling wallpaper—they have the skillsets gathered from years of handling such situations.

Of course, no one is ignoring the fact that you may also know a thing or two about those types of fixes. However, a handyman will at least be able to multitask at times and even finish it faster.

2) Do the Job Faster

This pointer is very much the first one because the more you know about something, the more familiar you are with it. You will never have to guess your decisions second as you already know how it will end and how to workaround more complicated problems.

Hire a reliable handyman who knows what they are doing can fix your home’s damages in no time. Even if the task looks complicated, they can make it simple and easy to fix just because they have already encountered it before, saving you a lot of time in the process.

3) Know the Risks with Every Task

First-time homeowners often struggle with DIY fixes where tools and machinery are involved. As a result, they can be injured due to carelessness. Also, it may not just be them dealing with a hazardous environment, and their family may also be hurt due to poor health and safety practices. For example, wire and plumbing repairs – don’t touch them. Don’t die for DIY.


Even with all the safety gear, novice DIYers will get the most complex repairs wrong.

Final Words

While every homeowner is familiar with the basics of DIY repairs, the truth is that they may not be prepared to handle much more complex tasks at home.

Therefore hiring a handyman to do most of the maintenance and repair work around your home makes financial sense – i.e. a messed up DIY job will end up costing you more to get it done right.

A handyman will be able to do the fixes more quickly, efficiently, and safely than any other household member, and they are also well-equipped to handle all types of damages on your pipes, your wiring, and more. Hire a reliable handyman and see the positive results without spending too much time and money.

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