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  • Claim for part of bond refunded to tenant in error by Bond Centre

    We, the property owners and managers, reached an agreement with exiting tenants: we would claim a portion of the bond paid at the beginning of their tenancy and they, the tenants, agreed to our claim. We duly completed a bond dispute form and it was lodged with the bond centre, i.e. the landlord did...
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  • skid
    started a topic New Tenancy laws....Fixed term Tenancies

    New Tenancy laws....Fixed term Tenancies

    Am I right to assume that the only way to have any say on reasonably ending a tenancy is to either 1-Keep doing fixed term (by agreement) or 2- end the fixed term at the end of the term (if there is no agreement for another fixed term) and look for another tenant who is in agreement for a new fixed...
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  • NomoneyNotalk
    started a topic Fixed term tenancy

    Fixed term tenancy

    Hi Property Investors,

    I heard from a friend that after the tenancy reform next month, we can no longer demand the tenant to renew a fixed term tenancy, and it will become periodic tenancy. If this is true can the landlord still end the fixed term tenancy? And then re advertise it for new...
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  • freeloader
    started a topic Property Management Fee - Auckland

    Property Management Fee - Auckland

    Hi All,

    What are you paying for property management fee in Auckland, Mt Eden area. Mine is over 10%

    Anyone know a good property manager around this area?
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  • Advice please- How to reduce mosquitoe outbreak.

    Can you please help? Mosquitoes!

    I live in West Auckland and my property is located on a 1400 square metres of land. I have a decent amount of native trees surrounding the perimeter of the land area. Also, At the back of the house runs a small creek that runs from one end of the property...
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  • PM: advertising + tenant selection only?


    Newbie to this forum - appreciate the advice and knowledge shared by all.

    My question is: I have a property in Dunedin, and live in Auckland. I have family in Dunedin who can manage the property day-to-day but are uncomfortable advertising, vetting and...
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  • JaMa
    started a topic Insurance Problem

    Insurance Problem

    We took out insurance through Real Landlord Insurance (rlinz) which was a suggestion from our property management company when we bought our rental. A number of years later we are looking at selling the property. On phoning rlinz they advised that as they only insure the property when it is tenanted...
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  • 007Chip
    started a topic Property management

    Property management

    I just started a new job as a property manager, happy to answer any questions about my experience. I also am looking for an investment property of my own. How property management companies work is very interesting.....
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  • Hound
    started a topic Property management fees percentage

    Property management fees percentage

    Hi guys,

    I'm considering taking on a property or two (which I don't own) to manage.

    What is an acceptable percentage on the rent to charge? And hourly rate for anything else required? Any other comments welcome!

    Cheers, Hound
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  • fatjoez
    started a topic Legislation to ban letting fees

    Legislation to ban letting fees

    Now that this is closer to being passed and possibly by end of 2018, what are the views on this?

    As is suggested it is likely that rents will go up to compensate for this.
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  • annie brookes
    started a topic Property Management apps

    Property Management apps

    I've been using Pocketrent.com for several years now. Was great - support when you asked and updates from time to time.
    Its worked really well but seems to have got into ghost-app territory. No updates (blog still talks about 2014 being the "new year") and cant get any reply to a small...
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  • Xplaya
    started a topic Do I/We need a property Manager?

    Do I/We need a property Manager?

    So a family member has started to live in our homestead, and the plan is for them to pay into a bank account.
    Now to go official e.g. to make IRD happy etc. Can we just declare it as income at the end of the year? Or declare as income now? We are hoping to avoid a propety manager because we are...
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  • Contact new tenants ex landlord to sell them Property Management services?

    I've been asked by an experienced BDM trainer to contact all private landlords that have just lost a tenant to us. Idea being they their details are on the application so I ring them and ask if we can manage their place and get a tenant.
    Has anyone looked into this and whether this is a privacy...
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  • Beano
    started a topic Property management

    Property management

    A: Does anyone operate management fees on cost plus or is everyone on percentage ?

    B: Also what rate are you being charged on
    1 industrial
    2 retail
    3 office
    4 parking
    5 ground leases (commercial and residential )

    C:length of contracts
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  • How to find a property manager in Auckland?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm interested in finding a good property manager in Auckland, but I'm faced with 100's of choices! Does anyone have some advice on how to go about selecting a property manager? I've read all the common articles on what to look for and so on, but there are so many companies...
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