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Major problem with former Property Manager, any recourse?

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  • Major problem with former Property Manager, any recourse?

    My (now former) property manager quit suddenly without providing a reason. It turns out that they badly mismanaged the property and bought in a tenant that is violent, potentially on drugs, so they just ran away rather than dealing with the problem.

    After I found a new PM, the new PM found out the hard way that the tenant is violent as the tenant attacked a tradesperson with a weapon, sending the tradesperson to the hospital with serious injuries, and the tenant was subsequently charged by the police.

    It ended up being a stressful and costly endeavour for both myself and the new PM as the old PM left with only a couple days of notice and basically broke off communication except sending me the final set of rental statements. It took a lot of effort to get the tenant off the property, bring the property back up to rentable standard, and figure out what's going on with the limited information available.

    I estimate the direct cost to myself is to be in low 5 figures due to the action of the previous PM, do I have any recourse at all? So far I have reached out to the following channels but none of them can help:
    • Real Estate Authority: They said property management is not regulated and they would not get involved even if it involves a licensed real estate agent and suggests that I speak to a lawyer:
    • Property lawyers: The feeling I got from them is that the amount of damage I am seeking is too low for it to be worth their time and legal fee.

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    Disputes Tribunal. Your new PM should have mentioned that avenue.


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      Review your contract with the former PM, especially re: PM's exit strategy/terms. There may be recourse available to you there. Hope this helps.


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        I am a property manager.

        It's unlikely that you would have any recourse unless they have purposely gone out of their way to do something that was malicious.

        Most property management contracts have a clause which avoids any liability for anything that goes wrong at the property while they manage it.

        Unfortunately there are a lot managers out there who don't properly check tenants before placing them.

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