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Need special insurance, 1 unconsented bathroom?

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  • Need special insurance, 1 unconsented bathroom?

    Hello folks,

    My wife and I have a live offer on a property which is a nicely renovated 1950s home. At some point they have put in a small second bathroom downstairs (post 2000s I believe). There is nothing in the property file or LIM about it. I have an offer of finance that requires me to get insurance for the house including a letter stating that there is "no exclusions" which I pursue the council for a CoA on it. My standard insurer and everyone I rang said they can't give me cover for unconsented work, even at a higher rate.

    Can anyone suggest someone who could insure the entire house, including the unconsented bathroom, until I can get through the hoops with Auckland council? I don't have any documentation on it but I can get an inspector in there to produce a report for the insurer.

    I have 5 days left in my agreement so I'm stressing . First bank wanted a CoA in 5 days... yeah right. Second offer wants full insurance and a letter from insurer stating "no exceptions" while I pursue the CoA. Someone must be able to insure me surely???

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    if they dont insure unsconsented work then this includes (and this original house in 1950?)every building prior to 1991 when the building act came into being and consents born.

    get a safe and sanitary report on the basis that the work predated the building act how do you know the work in 2000 didnt replace past work this is ignorant bull shit

    they should be concerned with foot print extensions and work that might cause a fire or damage but safe and sanitary deals with this?

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      This of course is just the usual scare mongering rubbish from council .Your best way forward is to get a safe and sanitary report done ,this can get lodged on the LIM and a note from council saying they will take no further action unless the unconsented work is disturbed.

      Why is the offer conditional upon insurance?