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  • Need special insurance, 1 unconsented bathroom?

    Hello folks,

    My wife and I have a live offer on a property which is a nicely renovated 1950s home. At some point they have put in a small second bathroom downstairs (post 2000s I believe). There is nothing in the property file or LIM about it. I have an offer of finance that requires...
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  • COC for simple bathroom ,ridiculous stupid council requests .

    So basically i was adding a toilet , shower and vanity to an existing laundry in the internal garage area.
    What should be a fairly simple exercise is over complicated by council bureaucracy and stupidity.

    The work was carried out and inspected , and passed by the council inspector...
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  • yaigesh
    started a topic Converting Rumpus to a Bedroom

    Converting Rumpus to a Bedroom

    Hi All

    Good Afternoon.

    We have 3 bedroom and a rumpus room and we are looking at converting rumpus room to Bedroom as the 3rd Bedroom is too small. Is it too much of a hassle? The reason for converting it to Bedroom is that we also want to add Bathroom to it. Can I add bathroom...
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  • Cost of adding kitchen/bathroom to Rumpus

    Hi All

    We have a big rumpus room downstairs. alongwith it, we also have laundry room adjacent to it (separate though). We are thinking to converting the laundry to Bathroom as it already have hot water connection and adding kitchen to the rumpus room to make it studio apartment (kind of)....
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  • Plastic wall panels or tiling for bathroom walls?

    Just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on this?

    I'm looking at either white tiles or some form of plastic paneling like Seratone or Alulite for the walls of a bathroom.

    Tiles downside:
    Cold to touch and as such they tend to condense moisture on their surface moreso...
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  • What waterproofing is everyone using ?

    Hi Guys

    im currently renovating my bathroom at the moment ,

    current stage:
    All old gib boards has been replaced with aqualine gib , just need to fill in holes and gaps before water proofing.

    What brand water proofing is everyone using, are there any that...
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    Last edited by Van; 03-03-2017, 02:57 PM.

  • WalleyJ
    started a topic Bathroom redesign
    in USA

    Bathroom redesign

    I am redesigning the master bathroom of my home to make it look more spacious. The renovators accidentally broke the vanity mirror but I consider it a blessing in disguise. That vanity mirror was my wife's favorite but I hated it. It had an odd shape and took up a lot of space. So now I am looking at...
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  • Sportsvee
    started a topic Bathroom reno

    Bathroom reno

    Greetings all,
    Slowly trawling through the forums and haven't come across this question/proposal yet so thought I'd throw it out there.

    2 bedroom duplex has a bathroom with moisture issues so want to do it up. It currently has a shower over the bath (the issue), toilet and sink...
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  • de_priadscamp
    started a topic Bathroom Kit Set

    Bathroom Kit Set

    Where can I buy a bathroom kit set? Any ideas how much?

    Thank you
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  • Bathroom renovations: Code of Compliance required?

    We are renovating our bathroom and intend to do the plumbing work ourselves (hubby and Father-in-law have built and plumbed two houses in the past but are both not 'certified'). But we've just been told that we need to get a Code of Compliance from a Certified Plumber.

    We are stripping...
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  • K-Rad
    started a topic Bathroom Flooring Options

    Bathroom Flooring Options

    I am renovating a bathroom, toilet, and laundry and interested in the flooring options of Lino or Ceramic Vinyl Planks? (Not keen on tiles, due to the hassle in replacing them).

    I have had mixed advice with some preferring Lino, and others saying Ceramic Vinyl Planks that slide into each...
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  • BlueSun
    started a topic Painting over old hardiglaze?

    Painting over old hardiglaze?


    New here, but looking for advice. Just purchased a wee flat in Chch, with a rather horrid 1970s bathroom. The walls are similar to Hardiglaze - apricot swirl pattern. The bathroom is quite large and I need to find a way to update it while on a very small budget.

    New hardiglaze...
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  • Brand new small bathroom - any advice

    Hi all,

    We're completely redoing our bathroom in a 3brm 1981 wooden framed A Frame (bathroom is downstairs).

    Just looking at any advice for new bathrooms. It's a very small room - 182cm x 246cm.

    A couple of points...
    - hubby really against tiled shower...
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  • Combining toilet and bathroom - 7 questions

    Long-time reader, first-time poster here. I'm looking at buying a do-up-and-sell, my first. Will probably live in it for 3-4 years. The bathroom is very small - 1.7m2, next-door is a separate toilet. Is it advisable to combine the two, to give the impression of a bigger bathroom, even though that means...
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  • Scave
    started a topic Cancelling a Contract

    Cancelling a Contract

    Approximately 2 months ago I entered into a contract with a turnkey bathroom company. I paid a 25% deposit with the intention to proceed as soon as the house was repiled. As a result of the house repiling, there are now some remedial structural works that need to take place. The remedial works will...
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