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  • Beano
    started a topic Depreciation on building

    Depreciation on building

    I have heard depreciation on commercial buildings is back again!
    Great news ... looking forward to the details.
    I use to get $175k depreciation in the old days.... double bonus perhaps with another decrease in interest rate.
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  • quebec
    started a topic Missing Cross Lease Document

    Missing Cross Lease Document

    We put an offer on a property last year but didn't get it. Someone else's offer was accepted. Now the property is coming back to the market as the sale did not go through because the cross lease documents was misplaced by LINZ, they just can't find it. Total 6 units in the block and other 5 have the...
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  • RTA changes - please take 1 minute to sign this petition

    Hi all,

    Do you want the new RTA changes to come in?

    Do you want to lose the ability to issue a 90 days notice, to remove a tenant without giving a reason?

    Making a submission would be great, but unfortunately on Ring Fencing there was only 110 submissions...
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  • Beano
    started a topic House 179m2 within a furniture shed/shop (2.9ha)

    House 179m2 within a furniture shed/shop (2.9ha)

    This bold new superstore in West Auckland is fast coming together for a ‘soft and slow’ opening on Monday 30 March 2020. The Nido sign is proudly displayed on the building which rises above its surroundings. This development is a tribute to the vision and sacrifice of Vinod Kumar, the key...
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  • Interview with APIA breaking down the proposed RTA changes

    Hi all

    Earlier I had a chat with Sarina from APIA about the upcoming bill to amend the Residential Tenancies Act. My conversation is with with Sarina Gibbon, who is the general manager of Auckland Property Investors' Association. Sarina has been at the coalface for APIA on on this matter,...
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  • lmckoy
    started a topic Paying for an electrician

    Paying for an electrician

    We've recently had new tenants move into our house in Auckland, and they just purchased a fridge off of Trade Me that keeps tripping the fuse to the kitchen - a friend of mine (with an electrical background) popped in to check out what's going on, and has said that the fridge is an older model, so will...
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  • Building New Bathroom and toilet in house ! Do i need consent ?

    Dear Members,

    I have bought house last year which has 2 good size lounge and wanting to convert one into bed room and add new toilet and bathroom and wanting to rent out individual room to create some income from home since my child recently diagnose and i need to spend lot of money on...
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  • reepr
    started a topic Tenant wants a smart meter. Who pays?

    Tenant wants a smart meter. Who pays?

    Tenant wants to change electricity providers, and the new provider requires a smart meter. Tenant is requesting Landlord pays.

    1. Whose responsibility is it to pay for meter?

    2. If its not the Landlords responsibility would you pay anyway?

    Seems to me if the tenant...
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  • Beano
    started a topic Financial accounts

    Financial accounts

    With the pending new trust act are many property investors expecting/planning to present their accounts under IFRS/audited ?
    I assume beneficiaries can demand the financial accounts be audited and presented under the current IFRS.
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  • Vendor cut plum tree down!! Tenants don’t want to leave!!

    Hey guys. I’m new to this forum and thought I’d get some advice. I’m about to settle on a freehold house in 9 days. There are tenants in there at the moment. They are finding it really hard to find another place(pretty understandable if you met them). The real estate agent text me a couple days...
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  • Perry
    started a topic LL Civil Disobedience

    LL Civil Disobedience

    What options might there be?

    It's well past time that LLs stopped passively accepting all the crap thrown at them by the current crop of socio-commie-clowns in the drone house and their media sycophants. Or any other W'gton woodenheads, for that matter.

    An example is the Tenancy...
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  • New landlord has sprung a 1 month fixed on me and wants me to move out

    My landlord sold his place to a new landlord and the new landlord has said the old periodic lease with my old landlord will expire soon and wants me to sign a new fixed term lease. The new landlord gave me the new lease and I was expecting the new lease to be 6 months, 12 months but the landlord has...
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  • Beano
    started a topic Tiler in Auckland

    Tiler in Auckland

    Can anyone recommend a tiler for a bathroom ?
    Auckland central (Ponsonby)
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  • Real Estate agent commission bindings

    Hi say if you listed your property with a REA, they show buyers through but you decide not to sell (because the offers are too low). Some time later you sell it privately.

    Is there a condition you can negotiate with REA so you don't pay commission if you sell privately because the price...
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  • Bongi
    started a topic Financial or Property Planner

    Financial or Property Planner

    I have a few investment properties and I would like to end up with a certain amount of passive income which is my end goal. I am looking for recommendations for a financial planner who can help me achieve this goal within my timeframe. I’m looking for someone who can come up with a
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