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  • Rights of renewal - new deed of lease?

    We are looking at a property that has pretty bad rent review terms, but we can see potential with the property itself. If the tenant exercises their right of renewal at the end of this term, is a new deed of lease signed and an opportunity to revise the rent review terms, or would we be stuck with the...
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  • muzza6
    started a topic Tenant died

    Tenant died

    I don't want to cause a scene but let's say hypothetically if you rent a flat out to four students and one sadly passes away, what the hell do you do?

    It's a touchy subject but rent needs to be covered even though they're grieving. Either by finding a replacement tenant or covering rent...
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  • crashy
    started a topic Rent increase when lease incomplete

    Rent increase when lease incomplete

    Tenant signs 12 month lease September 2020 $330
    After 5 months, tenant leaves.
    Property relisted at $330 because it is assumed rent cannot be raised for the remainder of the original 12 months?
    New tenant can be offered $330 until September 2021 and then increase to $350? Or is this...
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  • App
    started a topic Police raid at your rental property

    Police raid at your rental property

    We probably been cursed! Still going through TT with last naughty tenants.
    We just been contacted by the neighbours that the police raid was called!!! just within a week of the new tenancy started...

    we are wanting to find out what is going on in our property but apparently...
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  • NomoneyNotalk
    started a topic Tenants smoke inside house

    Tenants smoke inside house

    Hi property investors

    I just found out the tenant smoked inside the house as there was smell and a pack of cigarettes' in the room. It is a breach of the tenancy agreement, What can i do to get the tenant out if i don't want to wait until the fixed term tenancy end?

    Thank ...
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  • Landlord Moved In To Sleepout Only Reduced Rent $25

    We have lived in a residential property since 2013, with agreement from the landlord my mother was given permission to sub-let the sleep-out located just meters from the main house to my sister for her and her kids,( the sleep-out is not legally a secondary dwelling), we were charged $550...
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    started a topic Breach of Tenancy Agreement

    Breach of Tenancy Agreement

    Hi there,
    I am looking for an advice re how to proceed in regards to a possible breach of Tenancy Agreement. I have a property that has been rent contractually to only two people and and have a clause in the contract that states no more than 2 people (including the tenants) are allowed without...
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  • (I am the tenant) Where do I stand with my tenancy contract? Lack of documents

    Throwaway account as my issue is quite specific.We have been the tenants of a property in Auckland since March 23 2019. We submitted the tenancy applications with the belief that we were entering into a fixed term contract for 12 months. I submitted all the paperwork required for my partner and I: the
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  • non-occupying tenancy agreement and flatmates

    Can a tenancy agreement be between a LL and non occupying tenant who then sublets to flatmates and accepts responsibility for rent etc (no bonds and no written agreements are anticipated)?

    If TS get involved is their jurisdiction only between the LL and the tenant (named on the agreement)...
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  • When one tenant dies on the TA does this have to be acknowledged on the TA ?

    My understanding in general situations is that if one of the named tenants on the agreement leaves the property the TA becomes terminated automatically by the 3 week default notification if the landlord does not agree to accept this change of situation.

    However in the case of a wife or...
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  • Perry
    started a topic Fact or Fiction?

    Fact or Fiction?

    From the latest business.govt.nz e-newsletter:

    From the RTA:

    I can't find the word "signed" in that section. Can anyone else?

    That's not to mention the difference between before they move in and before the tenancy commences....
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  • Jonohello
    started a topic Boarder issues

    Boarder issues

    Hi all,
    I have quite an unusual situation. I am currently living in a home I own, with some boarders. One of the boarders has been causing issues and we've given him notice to move out (3 weeks).

    Long story short he became more and more irrational over time and we found out he has...
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  • Only got a tenant's first and last name on your TA?

    Just a thought. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted here, but just in case ...

    Often when I come across nasty outcomes for LLs in TT decisions they only list first and last names for the tenant.

    I appreciate that some people don't have a middle name (although I personally...
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  • Buying a property with existing fixed term tenant - TA question.

    We've (Well, settlement is six days from now) bought a property which has a tenant in place with an existing fixed term tenancy agreement, we understand that this effectively transfers over to us - do we need to get the tenant to sign another tenancy agreement with our names, etc on it or is it just...
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  • Tenancy Clauses to add to tenancy agreement

    Here's what we have.
    Anyone else want to add something more? OR any more recommendations?

    1) The tenancy shall commence on________________________
    2) The rental shall be ________________per
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